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Superintendent of Schools 

Matthew Keegan 


School Nurse 

Catherine Mclnnis 



WilHam Fish, Andrea Keating, Warren MacCallum 


Jennifer Pratt 

Athletic Director 

Scott Paine 

Music Department 

John O'Briant and Amy Cortright 

Physcial Education 

Matt Lantier 

Math Department 

Front Row: Powell 
Vacha, Matt Marani, Grej 

Back Row: Amy 

Cortright, Alexandra 
Hosea, Tara Plassmann, 
Mary Ellen Connor 

. I. \ 

Social Studies 

Back Row: John Willis, 
Andrea Keating, Julie Fox, 
Chris Lacy, John Goniatis, 

Front Rrom: Tom Jacobs, 
Patricia Wilson, Glenn 

Science Department 

Front Row: Jason Ward, 
Rick Nycz, Adam Bradshaw 

Back Row: Jack Browne, 

David Kitchen, Diane 
Provenzano, Ariane Lozan 

Technology and Education Art Department 

Mark Herman and Ross Kowalski Nate Nottingham and Paul Papadonis 

Special Education and Support Services 
Front Row: Lynn Kaup, Gwenn Higgins, Laurel Rheault, Gail Scott, Sylvia Lutchman 
Back Row: Susan Beyer, Dave Benedict, Judy Field, Allyson Smith, Matt Clark, Bill Riley, Krystal Dube 

Custoidal Services Custoidal Services 

Michael Ash, John Nault, David Jones, Robert Eraser Paul Shea 

Food Services 

Kim Cleary, Peggy DeCouto, Colleen Prescott, Barbara Kaczmasz, Denise Sullivan, Susan Cocce 






Caitlin Macauley 

Luke Macdonald 

Madison Maduri 

Jared Mahoney 

Meghan Mahoney 

Molly Manning 

Peter Marchetti 

Julianne Mariano 

Joseph McGlinchey 


Owen McGowan 

Hannah Mclnnis 

Matthew McKeen 


ilcN \ (inor 

Morgan Walsh 

Madeline Ward 

Noah Wasserman 

Clipper Candidc!!! 

Tf> cipp/f^cioife b^ctutt|, "tf^ ft ftcf "tfi^ bMf" Iff cTtttr/fA/ 
f^M^ "Wie uw^/ff of ct bit" b^"tfe;f , u4t^"tfc^ bt| ct 

kfiimf ^i/^w i^ft^ fife hoA bif^dtU^d ^ouUm b^caiMM 

Luck OAA &f 
20 I 2f f f 

Tolu Adebanjo Daniel Allen Elizabeth Allen 

Ashley Allington James Arnold Laura Barrett 

Patrld< Barrett Kieman Beal Patnd< BIrminsham 

Martha Bogaty 

Kevin Bougoulas 

Breanne Brown 

Harrison Brown 

Lauren Burke 

Giristina Bums 

Christopher Bums 

Kathleen Callahan 

Brittany Cannon 

Megan Carmody 

Robert Carney 

Benjamin Casey 

Diana Chen 

Julianne Chessia 

Matthew Ctoottl 


Paxton Colby 

Caitlin Collins 

Nicholas Cumerford 

Alexandria Conti 

Giristina Cronin 

McKenzie Cunniff 

Joshua Delaplain-ZcxDk 

Giuliana D'Esopo Allison DeBenedktis 

Tessa DeMarco Nkole Dempsey 

Thomas Driscoil Brett Duche 

Graham Ferguson Colleen Fitzsibbons 

James DIGregorlo 

Meaghan Dwyer 

Ian Flesner 



Gayle Foley 

Kyle Freeman 

Victoria Gacicia 

G)rmac Garvey 

Craig Frehlll 

Brianna Gentry 

Benjamin Gordon 

Aubrle Guertin 

Amanda Harding 

Lauren Harding Kelly Harrington Patrick Hathaway 

Dennis Heams Hugh Hillstrand Stephanie Howard 

Jordan Jenkins John Jensen Laura Kardok 



Daniel Lockwood Shealyn Lonergan 

Meaghan Lynch Talia Macauley 

Michaei MacGilivray 

Jaclyn McBain 

Steven McClelland 

Peter McDonald 

Martha McElroy 

Brendan McGreenery Trey McLean-Lynch Matthew Michalkiewicz 

Victoria Moore 

Brett Morgan 

Mary Murphy 

Slobhan Murphy Cabot Noyce Brendan O'Connor 

Paul Parys 

Frank Patarino 

Radical Patrolia 

Matthew Pederzani Brianna Perfetuo Jacqueline Perron 

Zadiary Peterson Emily Pld<ard Alicia Reggiannini 

Joseph Rkrciuti George Robbie Julie Roberts 

George Sheehan Katelyn Sheehan Lawrence Sheridan 

Ashley Sifflard Ashley Silverberg Abigail Smith 

Eliza Westergard Rrchard Westhaver Frank White 

Briai Vyilson Emily Winn Jeffrey Wisneski 


Tolu Omolade Adebanjo 

Toto, Toe 

"Are you serial" -Tolu 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because 
it happened. " -Dr. Seuss 

Being at this school has been crazy. 
Freshman year I bhnked and now we're 
seniors. I want to thank all my teachers. I can't 
believe Ms. Gilabert put up with all the crap 
I gave her. Thanks Ms. Adams, talking to you 
has been fun and entertaining. It's been real. 
I want to thank my family and friends. I 
enjoyed taking requests to rock Sesame 
Street clothing. Thanks to my parents. I had 
so many good times and now it's over. Peace 
Norwell High. 

Daniel James Allen 


Lacrosse 1, Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, 
Grilling Society 4, Tennis Team 
Manager 3-4 

It only ends once. Anything before is just 
progress. -Jacob (Lost) 

Special thanks to all the bros for a great 4 
years, and thanks to Lallen for putting up 
with my crap. 

Elizabeth Anne Allen 

Liz, Lallen, Beth, Lizzytish 

Dance 1-4, Field Hockey 1-3 
GSA 1-4, Youth Group 1-4, 
Student Government 2-4 

"You can't stay in your corner of the 
forest waiting for others to come to you. 
You have to go to them sometimes. " 
-Winnie the Pooh 

I would like to thank all of the teachers 
who have helped me learn and grow up 
over these amazing four years. In 
particular Mr. O'Briant for pushing me to 
my fullest, Ms. Lozan for being 
unbelievably supportive to me as both a 
homeroom advisor and teacher, and Mr. 
Sullivan for teaching the most 
wonderfully unique class I have ever 
taken. I would also like to thank everyone 
in my youth group; you guys truly are the 
best. I don't know what I am going to do 
with myself every Sunday night, let alone 
during my spring break without you all. 
To my friends: You have all meant so 
much to me these four years. You've 
supported me in all that I do, even when 
you know I am wrong. You make my 
toughest days easier, you are the reason I 
have been successful, and I will miss you 
all so much. And finally. Congratulations 
class of 2012! We may be about to go our 
separate ways, but we will never forget 
these years. 

Ashley Elizabeth Allington 


Lacrosse 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Field 
Hockey 1-3, Football Manager 4, 
Grilling Society 4. Student Gov 2-4, 
NHS 4, Yearbook 4 

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can 't lose. " 
- Friday Night Lights 

I first want to thank the best parents and family 
in the world. Mom- Whenever you used to nag 
me about school you always said I would thank 
you one day, so thank you for that push I never 
wanted but needed. Dad- Thanks for teaching 
me to be strong through tough situations this 
year, I love you.. still want the Mustang. JJ- 
Thanks for putting up with me! Bri- Enjoy high 
school because it goes by fast. My high school 
years wouldn't have been the same without my 
favorite ladies in the world; Aubs, Bri. Jess, 
Lauren and Ry. We've had our fights but I've 
had so much fun with you all the past four 
years . Bri- I'll never forget our CSI marathons 
and countless adventures together since 
freshman year. Laur - We always make it 
through our fights... Jackie and Debbie! !Yam- 
my partner in crime I'm going to miss living 
down the street from you next year, thank you 
for being the best "fend" I could ever ask for. 
To my Lady Clipz, I love you all so much. 
Caroline (sue). Ali, Grace. Maddie. Barcomb, 
BDigs, Fran I love you all, destroy Abington 
next year. Marani and Mrs. Sulc thanks for 
always being there for me. Thanks to the rest 
of the teachers and coaches that made high 
school such a great experience. Class of 2012, 
good luck next year and I'll miss you all! 

James Pollard Arnold 


Soccer 1 -4 (capt), Ski Team 1 -4 (capt). 
Spring Track 1-4 (capt), NHS 3-4, 
Student Gov't 3-4 

"Well, you never really know, but when 
they know, you k?iow, y'know?" 
-Crush, Finding Nemo 

"Anyone who tries to paint a picture of 
the world in basic comic book colors is 
most likely trying to use you as a pawn. " 
-David Wong, What is the 
Monkey sphere '! 

Mom and Dad, thank you for your incredible 
support through all the years, for teaching me 
the value of hard work (and the 6 P's), and for 
pushing me towards what are now my two 
greatest passions- soccer and skiing. The love 
you have poured into the first 1 8 years of my life 
will have a profound effect on the rest. Kels, I 
think we represent sibling love at its finest, 
because no matter how much I enjoy seeing a 
smile on your face, I still can't let you win in 
Egyptian Ratscrew. You win enough in Rummy. 
To all of my friends, through good times and 
bad, we have forged bonds that deserve to last 
beyond this brief period in our lives. We've 
worked too hard to let these friendships die in 
the upcoming years. Soccer guys, its been 
awesome sharing my passion with you for the 
past weeks, months, or years- however long 
we've played together. Good luck to the Class 
of 2012. 

Laura Thayer Barrett 

Loba, LbtQT, Blondie, Boeuf 

Swim Team 1-2, Invisible Children 1-4 

"Don 't let your dreams be dreams " 
-Jack Johnson 

"Lifes tough, get a helmet" 
- Boy Meets World 

Thanks to all the teachers I've had through 
out the years. Mr Nottingham, thanks for 
making me laugh when I was beyond 
frustrated. Thank you for everything Mom 
and Dad especially for supporting and 
pushing me through out the years. Jimmy, 
thank you for going through all of this first. 
To my friends, I wouldn't have made it 
without you. Thank you to all of the 
Perfetuo's for being my second family and 
always making me laugh during the ups and 
downs. Sarah, you were the best little sister 
I never had. You'll do great next year bouef ! 
Brianna, thanks for being the greatest friend 
I could ever have asked for and supporting 
me no matter what. Eliza, thanks for being 
the friend that kept me level headed, your 
an incredible person. I am so lucky to have 
you guys as my best friends. Brian, you 
were there with me through it all, thank you 
for making me so happy. Good luck to the 
next senior class, it goes by too fast! 

Patrick Gerard Barrett 


Track 3-4, Basketball 1-2, Soccer 3, 
Grilling Society 4 

"I'm a do me" - Annonymous 

Special thanks to everyone. 

Kiernan Michael Beal 


Football 1-4, Basketball 1, Indoor track 
2-4 (capt). Track and Field 1-4 (capt), 
Festival Stage Crew 3-4 

"Time enjoyed wasting is not wasted 
time " - John Lennon 
"A lifetime of training for just ten 
seconds" - Annonymous 

Thank you to my loving family for always 
believing in me and inspiring me. I could 
not have accomplished all that I have 
without you. 

Thank you to my close friends for 
supporting me in everything that I have 
done. I am lucky to have you all in my life. 

Patrick Joseph Birmingham 


Student Government 1-4, Best Buddies 
1-3, Art Club 4, Volunteer Corps 3, 
Drama 1 , Pep Band 2-4, Symphonic 
Band 1 , 2, Jazz Ensemble 3, 4, Band 

Secretary 3, Jazz Librarian 4, JV Soccer 
Manager 1-3 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the 
things you love, the things you are, the 
things you never want to lose. " 
- The Wonder Years 

First, I'd like to thank my family for 
supporting me and always encouraging 
me to work hard and to stand up for 
myself. Second, I'd like to thank every 
teacher who guided and helped me along 
the way, especially Mrs. Boyer. Finally, 
I would definitely like to thank all of the 
friends I made along the way. Thanks for 
being by my side and for making my entire 
Norwell school experience an 
unforgettable, great memory. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2012! 

Martha Joyce Bogaty 

Morth, Mjb, Merth, Men, Mar, Mj 

Field hockey (1,2), Tennis (1-4), Peer Education 
(3-4). National Honor Society (3-4). Student 
Government (3) Invisible Children (1-4) 

"/ figure life's a gift and I don't intend on 

wasting it. You don 't know what hand 
you 're gonna get dealt next. You learn to 
take life as it comes at you... to make each 
day count. " -Jack. Titcmic 

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish. " -Steve Jobs 

Some of the my greatest experiences have been during 
high school and I have so many people to thank for 
these memories. Mom, thank you for teaching me that 
the world doesn't revolve around me and I'm definitely 
not always right. In most of our arguments, you were! 
(Even if I never admitted it...) I love you! Andy, you 
have taught me so many important things. Thanks for 
being stubborn and being so good at history, love you. 
Friends- you're all hilarious and I will never forget our 
memories. Keep loving life. Tessa, Lauren. Averie, 
Steph. Darci, Caitlin. Allie. my best friends! You all 
know me better than I know myself Thank you for 
understanding my sense of humor and keeping me 
laughing. I LOVE YOU! Leah and Joe- we're the best 
family - love you! To my teachers, you are all the best 
for making boring things remotely interesting. Youth 
group people, especially you, Kelsey, Lisa and 
Chrissy. I love you all so much. You have all 
influenced me more than you know. Colin, thanks for 
being you. Never change. Tessa, iMve on Top and Man 
Down are forever the greatest songs. Dad, your 
wisdom and sense of humor will always be with me. 
Everything I do. I do it for you. TO THE CLASS OF 
2012: the world ends with us! I love you all and I'll 
always remember high school with you. Good luck! 

Kevin James Bougoulas 

Kboug, Boug, Bougie 

"The purpose of our lives is to be 
happy"- Dalai Lama 

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, 
but while we 're here we should dance. " 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as 
if you'll die today" - James Deem 

Thank you Mom and Dad for guiding me 
throughout my life to my last year of high 
school and first year of adulthood. Mom 
you have always been there for me and I 
am eternally grateful for that. I also want 
to thank the group I went to Italy with for 
a very comical and enjoyable trip. Thank 
you senior/junior friends that stuck by me 
and made me smile, laugh, and cry 
laughing! Hope to see you in the future to 
come and if I don't, have fun and I'll miss 
you. Enjoy high school while it lasts; it 
goes fast. Congrats Class of 2012 and 
good luck to everyone else, 2012 and 
above! I won't forget! Thanks and bye! 

Breanne Alyssa Brown 

Bre, BB, Bre-Bop, Breen, Brownie, 
Brear)nie, Bran 

Lacrosse 1, Girls Ice Hockey 4 
(captain), Cheerleading 3. Basketball 1 

"There are big ships and small ships but 
the best kind of ships out there are 
friendships, a true friend is one who 
thinks you 're a good egg even if your 
half cracked. " - Listessa 

Congratulations Class of 2012! We finally made it 
through high school ! To my friends - You guys were 
always there to hangout with and talk too. From those 
late night drives to who knows where! You guys 
really made the years fly by at NHS because we stuck 
together through the hard classes to the fields and on 
the ice. Ryan - Yeah, we always had our fights and 
arguments but you were always there for me, when 
I realized you were just sticking up for me. Taylor - 
You're a trooper! You never complain about going 
to any of Ryan's games or mine, keep working at the 
things you love doing, and there will be a reward at 
the end. Mom and Dad - Wow I don't even know 
where to begin! Thank you for all your support, from 
on the ice to the classroom, you are always there 
pushing me to .strive for my excellence and 
everything I wanted. NHS Teachers, Administrators, 
Coaches and Nurse - I knew I could count on all of 
you for being the best out there; you all have made 
such a good impact on my life and never will be 
forgotten. I have truly enjoyed my experience at 
NHS from the sports to the classroom and it will be 
missed! Good luck Class of 2012! Will miss you all 
very much! 

Harrison Drinker Brown 

Harry, Drinker 

Swimming (capt) 3-4 , Music 3-4 

Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me 
through high school, and to all my friends 
thanks for being there and please keep in 
touch after we graduate. 

Lauren Elizabeth Burke 

LB, Burkey 

Decibells 1-4, Student Government 1-4, 
Peer Education 1-4, Yearbook 4, 
Soccer 1-4, Track 1-2 

Mom and Dad: Thanks for your positive 
support in everything I do. Your hard work 
and dedication is something I've always 
admired and appreciated. Burkey turkey: 
The 6 year age difference between us has 
never phased me. You will always be my 
best friend. I love you and have enjoyed 
watching you grow up to the the little lady 
I know you are. I'll always be a phone call 
away! Steve: Thanks for being the first 
child. It's nice to have someone make the 
mistakes first, so I know what not to do 
when my turn comes. Liv, Han, Mol, KT: 
From our childhood days of playtime on 
the lane, to our annual girls weekend get 
away to NYC, you all have continued to 
make my life memories unforgettable. 
Milton Main will always be my true home. 
I love you! Dom: No matter where life 
takes us, I want to thank you for your 
constant love, support, and friendship. I 
have truly enjoyed every moment we have 
shared together in high school and on. I 
know you will be successful in all you do. 
Marth and Nina: Thank you for always 
understanding me and calming me down 
before exams. Youth Groupies: Sunday 
at 7pm will always have a significance in 
my life. Congrats 2012! See ya at our 
reunion in five years! 

Christina Marie Burns 

Nina, Nins, Neen 

Cheerleading 1 . Field Hockey 2-4, Winter Trade 
i-3. Spring Traclc 1-4, Environment Club 2-4 

"Twenty years from now you will he more 
disappointed by the things that yon didn 't do than 
the ones you did do. " - l^ark Twain 
"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go" 
-Keith Urban 

First off, I would like to thank my family 
for supporting me throughout the years. I 
would not be where I am today without 
my parents. Mom, thank you for being 
there for me whenever I needed you and 
thank you for every word of advice you 
ever gave me. Although I didn't always 
admit it, your advice was what always got 
me through. Dad, thank you for always 
encouraging me to try new things, coming 
to every sports event possible and always 
screaming from the sidelines. Billy, thank 
you for always making me laugh. Enjoy 
the next 3 years of high school. You will 
have the time of your life but they will go 
by faster than you expect. To all my 
friends, thank you for making the past four 
years of my life the best experience 
possible. You got me through all the tough 
times and were the reason there were so 
many good times. We have created so 
many unforgettable memories together 
and I know there will be many more to 
come. Finally, to the class of 2012. 
Congratulations, we did it! 

Christopher Jien-fa Burns 


Cross Country. Ski Team 

I spent a lot of time thinking about what 
to write for my memory. I thought of all 
the people I know, all the places I've been 
and even all the food I've tasted over the 
past few years. Honestly, I couldn't think 
of one thing that I am truly grateful about 
for a long time. I' ve gone through so much 
in just my high school years, from moving 
across the globe, going to two proms so 
far, seeing Ho Chi Minh's body on display 
and even a snow sculpture in the shape of 
Pikachu. I can't say I've changed for the 
better, but I am not the same person I was 
back when I still lived in Norwell. Going 
through all these rough years and 
experiences have made me who I am 
today. Ok, guess I better wrap this up 
before I start repeating myself. In the end, 
I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go 
around the world, even if it was like being 
on a bad vacation for a while. 

Kathleen June Callahan 


Cross Country 1-3, Swimming 2-4, 
Softball 1-4, Latin Club, 
Peer Ed, National Honor Society 

"What you say might be too much for some people. 
Maybe it will come out all wrong and you 'II stutter 
and you'll walk away embarrassed, wincing as you 
play it all hack in your head. But I think the words 
you stop yourself from .wying are the ones that will 
haunt you the longest. " - Taylor Swift 

'Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity. " 

I'm so grateful to have grown up in such a warm and 
supponive community as Norwell. Mummy, thanks 
for making me my own personal dinner every night 
and never making me eat vegetables. Sometimes I 
don't show it. but I really do appreciate everything you 
do for me and your three other kids (you know who 
the fourth one is). Daddy, from you driving me to ballet 
to me driving you to the gym, you've always been 
there, and I'll always be your Kathy Callahan. "Don't 
miss me too much." Bobalina, good luck with senior 
year; have fun but work hard, too. You truly are an 
awesome brother. Colleen, you're a freak. Good luck 
with high school and don't get too crazy. "You're 
welcome." .Shoutout to Captain and Oreo, too. I love 
you all. And I know Colleen will make fun of me for 
this later. To muh girls- I can't think of any way to 
sufficiently thank you so I'll just say this; I love all a 
y'all. Thank you to all my teachers, from freshman 
year to senior year, all of you are so great and I'm so 
thankful to have teachers that love what they do as 
much as you all do. The administration, office ladies, 
janitors, lunch ladies, everyone else who makes NHS 
the place it is, thank you. Underclassmen; good luck 
with however many years you have left and cherish 
them ! Class of 20 1 2; 'We did it ! Congrats everyone and 
good luck with everything you do! 

Brittany Elizabeth Cannon 

Dance Team 1-4, Ski Team 1-3, 
Invisible Children 1-4, Environment 
Club 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4 

"Don't aim for success if you want it; 
just do what you love and believe in. and 
it will come naturally. " - David Frost 

First and foremost I would like to thank 
my incredible family. Dad, you have 
always encouraged me to strive towards 
success even when it doesn't seem worth 
the effort. You have shown me the value 
of hard work and dedication, and for that 
I can't thank you enough. Mom, your 
selflessness is amazing, and words cannot 
describe how much I appreciate 
everything you do for us. You put things 
in perspective when they start spinning 
out of control, and along the way you've 
instilled a firm set of values in me that I 
will always adhere to. Jon, thanks for all 
the laughs, stay awesome. Shel, thanks for 
being both a great role model and a friend. 
We've got some big shoes to fill. Bobby, 
thanks for being my best friend, for your 
unconditional love and support, and for 
always helping me to see what's really 
important in life. To my friends, it's weird 
to think how much we've faced together, 
love you girls! ! It's been a crazy ride. Good 
luck to the class of 2012! 

Megan Rose Carmody 

Meg, MEGGO, Shmeg, Feygan 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love 
and support. Dad, for all your wise advice 
and catch in the backyard - I don't thank 
you enough for all the time you have 
dedicated to me. Mom, thank you for 
always supporting me - you've had an 
unbelievable influence on my life. You 
guys are everything to me. Erica, thank 
you for not only being an amazing sister, 
but also an amazing friend - 1 love you and 
look up to you. Joe. thank you for cheering 
me up with Mario Kart when I am down- 
I couldn't ask for a better brother. Brady, 
my faithful friend, you always make me 
happy. To my friends, I don't know what 
I'd do without you. You all find a way to 
make me laugh even when I'm in the 
sourest of moods. Colleen and Jaclyn, I 
can't imagine NHS without you. You two 
will always be so very special to me. I'd 
like to thank my teachers and coaches for 
all of their hard work. Chuck and XC, 
thanks for four great years-keep building 
on that 100th win! Softball, thanks for the 
support on and off the field! It has been an 
unforgettable four years. Good luck Class 
of 2012! 

Robert Joseph Carney 

Carnage, Roberto, Bert, BOB, 
Cob Rarr)ey 
Football 1, Basketball 1, Swimming 2-4, 
Lacrosse 1-4, Student Government 3-4 

"Great minds think alone " 
-Wiz Khalifa 

I would first like to thanks my parents and 
my family for always being there for me 
and supporting my every decision. Mom 
and Dad, you have always pushed me to 
shoot for the best and allow me to make 
my own choices throughout my life which 
has helped me a lot now and will more in 
the future. Peter, you are the toughest, best 
and most fun little brother I could ever ask 
for. I would also like to thank all of my 
friends who have made the entire high 
school experience the most fun possible. 
To the Italy bros, the Triiiibe was and 
always will be some of the most fun and 
amazing memories. Good luck to 
everyone in the Class of 2012. Thank you. 

Thank You. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Diana Chen 

DChen, D 

Cross Country 1-2, Math Team 1-4 
(capt), Tennis 1-4 (capt). Winter Track 4 

"To achieve great things, two things are 
needed: a plan, and not quite enough 
time. " 
- Leonard Bernstein 

First, I'd like to thank Mom and Dad for 
your support and influence. Without you, 
I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks 
for opening me up to so many 
opportunities. I love you guys! Thanks to 
my brother Didi for being my best friend. 
Learn from my mistakes and you will be 
the most successful person ever. Enjoy the 
rest of high school because it will be over 
before you know it. To all my friends 
whom I've known or been with since we 
were in diapers, thank you for all the good 
times and memories. I will never forget 
any of you and hope we always stay 
together - good luck in high school or 
college! Thanks Yanne for being cool. 
Thank you to all my coaches and teachers 
for everything. I'm so lucky to have been 
taught by you all and no one else. Congrats 
and good luck to the Class of ' 12! 

Julianne Constance Chessia 

Julie, Jules, Jewlz, Goob 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt.). Lacrosse 1-3, 
Winter Track 1-2, Swim Team 3-4 
(mgr.), Latin Club 2-4 (consul), Peer 
Education 3-4 

"There 's gotta be a better way to say 
that .. " - Arrested Development 

"All good things are wild and free. " 
- Thoreau 

"All children grow up ... except me. " 
- Peter Pan 

First off, I would like to thank my Mom and 
Dad, sister Caroline, Coble and 
RLimbleroar...who is slowly deteriorating in 
my bathroom. I know you are still 
there. ..because I can always smell you. 
Secondly, my friends and teachers who knew 
when to tell me to shut up, sorry I'm so 
annoying and my laugh is so freaking loud. 
Also, for dealing with me when I got back from 
camp and refused to talk about anything 
else. ..Also, my homeroom for reminding me 
daily to keep it 'fresh'. To my coloring books 
and journals, thanks for letting me literally soil 
your pages with teen angst. Finally, Senyuhs, 
it's crazy to think that four years ago we were 
those four-foot-nothing frosh desperately 
trying to stay out of everybody's way, 
wondering if the upperclassmen we were 
dodging even knew who we were. But after 
four years we finally did it. Brace yourself 
Class of 2012, college here we come! 

Matthew Joseph Cibotti 

Qbotts, C-Bo 

Soccer (1-4), Ski Team (1-4), Spring 
Track (1-4). ISA (3-4) 

"When you have confidence, you can 
have a lot of fun, and when you have a 
lot of fun you can do amazing things" 
- Joe Nammath 

First I would like to thank my parents for 
all their love and support throughout my 
life. Mom thanks for always keeping me 
on track and influencing me in so many 
positive ways. Dad thanks for teaching 
me to be a confident person and to never 
give up on myself. Thanks Andrew for 
always keeping me company and 
making me laugh. Enjoy your next two 
years at NHS and keep up the dominance 
on Ski Team. Thanks to my friends for 
all the great times and for always being 
there for me. You guys are the best and 
I hope we all stay in touch! Thanks to 
my teachers and coaches for always 
helping me out whenever I needed it. 
Lastly congratulations to the Class of 
2012. Good Luck Everyone! 

Paxton Nicole Colby 

Pax, Pee, Oak, Wax, Tampax, Pwn, 

Lacrosse 1-4, Ice Hockey 1-2, Winter 
track 3. Girls Ice Hockey 4 

"/ wouldn't be late if I looked at the 
clock, but I'd rather spend time then buy 
a wrist watch " - Shwayze 

"Don 't laugh at things I like!!!!!!! " 

- The Real Millzz 

"Da day befwore pvrahm" 

- Caitlin Collins 

First off, I would like to thank my parents for being 
the most influential, caring and supportive people in 
my life. Thank you for your love, compassion, and 
patience that you've given to me my whole life and 
especially these past four years. Patrick, you never 
fail to make me laugh. Live it up these next few years 
because they really do fly by. Don't forget where Dad 
hides the 20's and rep the Colby name well, like I 
know you will. To my pal Boyer, It seems as if it 
were just yesterday that we were in period seven 
skills laughing and talking like old friends. Whether 
it was guidance or just a talk, you always been there 
for me. Thank you so much, you will be greatly 
missed. Chobansters! My girls, continue to be your 
crazy hilarious selves and never change. You're like 
sisters to me I love you both so much. GIRLS LAX 
stay the cliquey, awesome team you are! Senior 
Eggplants and Moonlight Society, i could'nt have 
asked for better girls to grow up with. I love you all ! 
Allie, Best Friends. Nik, all my favorite memories 
are with you, best friends forever. Caitlin. my first 
friend, since day one! LOVE YOU ALL Congrats 
Class of 2012. 

Caitlin Eileen Collins 

Call, Caco, CEC, CC, Keke 

Soccer 1-4, Ski Team 1-3, Lacrosse 1-4 

"All that matters is this moment. " 
- Mac Miller 

I'd like to start off by thanking my parents, 
Mom - thanks for always pushing me to 
do better because you know my potential. 
Dad-thanks for supporting me and coming 
to all my games, no one is as funny as you. 
Griff-never a dull moment with you. don't 
miss me too much next year and stay outta 
trouble! Bill-yes we're 6 years apart but 
still I always got your back I love you! 
Matt-you know exactly how to make me 
smile, don't know what I'd do without you. 
To my girls and guys-stay crazy, you've 
made high school an unforgettable time. 
Tessa, Martha, Dare, Pax, Allie -you girls 
are my best friends thanks for being there 
for me through everything and making 
every moment an experience. I'll never 
forget you! Soccer- we found love, keep 
killing it out there. Punz-thanks for always 
listening to me and giving me advice, 
you're one of my best friends stay 
adorable I'll miss you. Junior girls - never 
stop laughing about all our memories, and 
to the class of 2012, Congratualations we 
did it! Good luck to you all, its been real 
NHS. Latah 

Nicholas James Comerford 

Thank You. 
Good Luck class of 2012! 

Alexandria Marie Conti 


Field Hockey 1, Cheerleading 2-3 

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in 
others; for beautiful lips, speak only 
words of kindness; and for poise, walk 
with the knowledge that you are never 
alone. " 
- Audrey Hepburn 

Congratulations class of 2012, we 
made it! Thank you to my teachers, 
you have helped me transition into the 
next academic chapter of my life. To 
all my friends, you have made high 
school so enjoyable it seems to have 
gone by too fast. Of course, the people 
that I owe the most thanks to are my 
mom and dad. Mom, whenever I am 
stressed out over a test you always 
know the right time to take a break and 
go on a relaxing shopping trip. Dad, 
you have pushed me in the right 
direction. Thanks to both of you for 
always supporting me in everything I 
want to do. And Autumn, I hope you 
enjoy the rest of high school. Best 
wishes everyone! 

Christina Marie Cronin 

Steeny, X-Tina, Pitiky, Christoma, 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt). Ski Team 3-4, 
Basketball 1, Softball 1, Track 2, Best 
Buddies 1 , International, Community 
Service Corp 3 

"/ mean any fool can have courage. But honor, that's 

the real reason you either do something or you 
don't. It's who you are and maybe who you want to 
be. " 

-Michael Oher (The Blind Side) 

First I would like to thank my family for the 
support they gave me throughout the years. 
Mom and Dad thanks for everything you do 
for me I appreciate it a lot. Love you both 
so much! Jennyboo you are the best sister I 
could ask for, keep your head up and finish 
out your year strong. Love you ! Moves like 
j agger... Thanks to all my friends for the 
good times especially to my sidekick. 
Breanne for always making me laugh and 
cheer me up. Thanks to all my teachers and 
coaches I've had through the years. 
Especially to Mrs. Rheault for always 
motivating me to do better, and to Madame 
Mifdal for always encouraging me and 
making me laugh. Fockey gals, I have 
enjoyed playing with you these past four 
years and I will truly miss you guys. 
Clump... enough said! Good luck to 
everyone! LATAHH NHS! 

McKenzie Rene Cunniff 

Kenzie, Kenz 

Cheerleading 1-4 (capt), Winter Cheer 3 

"And there are people who will stand in 
your comer and convince you to stand 
up for another round no matter what. " 
-Pete Wentz 

My biggest thank you goes to my family. 
Mom - thank you for always encouraging 
me to do my best and for being one of my 
best friends. Dad - thanks for pushing me 
no matter what and for all of your advice. 
Christian - you're one of the funniest 
people I know, never change. Kayla - for 
always being the 'life of the party', never 
let anyone change you. Thank you to my 
friends who have always been there and 
the ones who always will be. Without all 
of you high school would not have been 
the same. Good luck! 

Sean Michael D'Ambrosia 

Robotics, Golf, Track, Hockey, Baseball 

Thank you to my family, friends, and 
teachers. You made my high school 
experience great. 

Giuliana D'Esopo 

"Let not your heart walk away from you, 
let your mind grow legs and follow it. " 
- Patrick Star 

"One day, Alice came to a fork in the 
road and saw Cheshire cat. 'Which road 
do I take?' she asked. 'Where do you 
want to go?' was his response. 7 don't 
know' Alice answer. 'Then' said the cat, 
'it doesnt matter.'" 
- Lewis Carroll 

Thank you to my crazy family for always 
being there for me: Mom, thank you for 
everything you've sacrificed for me, I'm 
really happy you were here these last four 
years. Dad, thanks for all your hard work 
and for taking good care of Peter. Jack, 
thanks for always helping me with my 
crazy ideas and for being one of my best 
friends. Lauren, you're probably going to 
be taller than me soon but you'll always 
be my mini me and I love you so much! 
Thanks for your many words of wisdom. 
And to all my friends, I love you all, 
thanks for the laughs, support and 
memories. Madi, aka Sabrina, aka Mia, 
you've been a sister to me throughout high 
school. I couldn't imagine high school 
without you or all the ridiculousness that 
is in our lives. Congrats Class of 20 1 2 and 
thanks NHS, it's been real and it's been 

Allison Rita DeBenedictis 

A///e, A/, Dabenz, Adeber), 
Benny, Big Ben, Debonez 

Soccer 1-4 (capt). Basketball 1-3, 
Winter Track 4, Lacrosse 2, Spring 
Track 1 ,3,4, Peer Ed 3-4, Yearbook 4 

"Life is not the amount of breaths you 
take. It's the moments that take your 
breath away. " - Hitch 

-Leah, Paxton and Adet 

I would like to thank my family for being 
there for me with everything, I wouldn't 
be here with out all your guidance and 
support, I love you so much! Kgoose-for 
being like a second mom to me! To my 
trackies-thank you guys for all the advice 
you've given me, I wouldnt be the same 
without you. From all the gunths runs, 
hiding from Chuck, and beach trips to get 
black, youre there through thick and thin. 
Im going to miss you .soo much, LOVE 
YOU! To all my friends, you guys have 
made highschool so memorable and I cant 
thank you enough for that! To muh soccah 
laddiiies! Kill it in the south and keep up 
the title of the team with the most #swag 
& class. The junyah girls! Love you guys 
so much cant wait for you to visit me next 
year! TULS4LIFE! Thanks Emo+Pat for 
all the support you gave me! Good luck 
class of 2012! 




Joshua David 

Thank You. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Tessa Claire DeMarco 


Soccer 1-4, Skiing 1-3, Tennis 1-4, 
Invisible Children 1-4, Decibels 3-4, Peer 
Ed 3-4 

First off, thank you to my parents. You guys 
have helped me through everything. You 
have always supported me and have pushed 
me to do my best. I love you guys. Haley, 
you're the best sister ever. I don't know how 
I could have done anything without you. 
You're the one I always go to and I love you. 
Dani and Lexi, my other sisters! Thank you 
guys for living next to me my whole life. 
This year has been hard because you guys 
weren't right down the street. I love you 
guys and thank you for everything. Joe, 
thank you so much for your support these 
last years. You always make me smile and 
you helped me through everything. Girls 
and Boys - gunna miss you all, we've been 
through alot and good luck to all of you. 
Martha, Darci, Cait - you guys have gone 
through it all with me and I don't know 
where I'd be without you guys. I'd like to 
thank the lockers, the fourth stall and Allie 
for staying tall. Thank you to my teachers 
and coaches, keep it up girls' soccer. It's 
been real. 

Nicole Susan Dempsey 

Nikki, Nik, Nicawl, Pickle, Pick 

Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 4, Peer Ed 
3-4, Invisible Children 3-4, Dance 1 5 years 

I would like to thank my family for always 
being there for me no matter what. Mom, I 
could not have made it through these 4 years 
without you. Dad, thanks for always 
pushing me to succeed in everything I do. 
Mike and Dan, I could not have asked for 
better older brothers. You guys always 
keep me laughing regardless of the 
situation. I love you four so much, and 
cannot thank you enough for everything 
you've done for me. To all my friends, you 
guys know who you are, thanks for making 
these 4 years so enjoyable. Pax - You've 
always been there for me whether it be to 
laugh with, cry with, or sit in McDee's and 
consume large amounts of food. I can't 
thank you enough girl. Allie - Thank 
goodness for acorns or else my high school 
experience wouldn't have been nearly as 
fun. You're muh girl. To all my trackies, 
keep running your little hearts out. I love 
you girls and will miss you all so much next 
year. Nursie - Thank you for everything. I 
don't know where I'd be without all of your 
advice. Motrin and cough drops. I'm going 
to miss you so much. Ms Keating - I can't 
thank you enough for all you've done for 
me. You're the best! And finally, to the class 
of 2012, I couldn't have asked for a better 
group of people to graduate with. Good 

Alandar Kathryn Detwiler 

Allie, Adet, Yellow, Sard 

Lacrosse 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, Field 
Hockey 1-2, Invisible Children 1,4 

"Cheers to thefreakin' weekend" 

"Da day befwore pvrahm" 
- Caitlin Col litis 

First off, thanks to my Mom and Dad for 
putting up with me, pushing me to do my 
best, and supporting me in everything 1 do. 
JD and Larry, you've guided me well. 
Forrest and Harry- thanks for being such 
good influences on me... To all my teachers, 
thanks for everything and a special thanks 
to Nursie - you rule girl, never change. To 
my underclassmen, you're great and you 
better live it up next year! My locker, the 
Rov, and the 4th stall- thanks for always 
being there for me when I needed you. My 
girls and guys - you made high school 
unforgettable, its been way too fun kids, 
your awesome. Martha, stay buggy and 
Tessa, stay tall. My Sunday Morning 
Gunths girls: Nik- thanks for keeping me 
sane and being the convict you truly are. 
Caitlin- thanks for being psychotic with me, 
singing with me, and helping me make my 
purchases over the years. Pax- 1 don't even 
know where to begin with you... best 
friends, 1 love you, and long live Fiesta 
Bonanza!!! Class of 2012 - love you all, 
Congrats! See yah 

Brian William Devilly 


Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Lacrosse 
1-4, Student Gov 2-4, Invisible Children 

"Life goes on " - Tupac Shakur 

Thank you to my mom and dad for getting 
me to where I am today. Even if I don't 
always show it I do appreciate you and 
love you both. I would like to thank my 
sisters Nicole and Michelle for always 
being there. Thank you to my friends for 
making these last four years as fun as they 
were. Thank you to my teachers and 
coaches for helping me out. Its been real 
Norwell now lets win States! 

James Franco DiGregorio 

jimmy D, DiGr 

Cross Country 2-4, Hockey 1 -2, 
Wrestling 3. Indoor Track 4, Spring 
Track 1-4, Jazz Band 1-4 (Capt) 

"A man is successful if he wakes up in 
the morning and goes to bed at night 
and does what he loves in between. " 
- Bob Dylan 

Without question, I would first like to say 
thank you to my mom and dad. Not to be 
cliche, but you were my biggest fans and 
by far my biggest critics and I have to 
thank you endlessly for that. Also, thank 
you to all of my teachers. And a bigger 
thank you to every teacher that made study 
guides. A big thank you goes to my sister 
as well. Lastly, thank you Class of 2012 
and good luck next year. 

Thomas Patrick Driscoll 

Tom, Tommy, Mot, Mr. £, Tom Da 
Bomb, Cannonball, Grillmaster 

Wrestling 2-4, Spring Track 2-4 (capt), 
Latin club 1-4, Norwell High School 
Grilling Society 4, Bowling Club 4, 
Soccer 4 (manager) 

"Don't take life to seriously, you'll never 
get out olive" -Van Wilder 

"My dear boy, if God had intended us to 
walk, he wouldn't have invented roller 
skates" - Willy Wonka 

"Bring them on. "- George W. Bush 

Mom and Dad- thank you for all your help 
and support over the years. You guys have 
alwayed pushed me to be my best in all 
aspects of life. I really am the luckiest kid 
in the world to have two amazing parents. 
Liz- thank you for being my best friend, 
my mentor, and the thorn in my side all 
these years, I don't know how I would have 
done it without you. Lastly thanks to all 
my friends. You guys are truly the coolest 
guys in the world and you've made the past 
four years the best of my life. 

Brett Anthony Duche 

Thank you 
Good Luck Class of 2012! 

Meaghan Ann Dwyer 

Meg, Meag, Meags 

Invisible Children 1-4, President, Student, 
Government 2-4, Peer Ed 3-4, Track 2-4. 
Soccer 1-2, National Honor Society 3-4, 

"What good is it to live with nothing left to give, 
forget; but not forgive, not loving all you see" 
- Coldplay 

First, I would like to thank my parents. 
Daddio: thank you for encouraging me to 
strive for my personal best and to not give 
up. Mom- you have been a best friend to me 
over the years and I want to thank you for 
raising me to become the person I am today, 
I love you. Jack and Joe- It's been fun 
watching you both grow up. You both have 
a while to go, but the best is yet to come, 
enjoy and love every minute of it. Dilly: 
you're the best friend a sister can be, and I 
want to thank you for always being there. 
And thank you for always swapping 
clothes! To Rosie, thank you for being the 
best pup, I love you. Alicia- thank you for 
being the best friend I could ask for 
throughout the past years, it wouldn't be the 
same without you. Al, you have been a 
second sister to me over the last few years, 
and I want to thank you for being someone 
I can always count on. Lastly, I want to 
thank all my teachers and coaches for 
helping and encouraging me along the way! 
Good luck and congrats Class of 2012! I'll 
miss you all, keep in touch! 

Graham Lloyd David Ferguson 

Grambo, Gramster, Grum 

Football 1,3,4; Hockey 1-4 (Capt.); 
Lacrosse 1-4 

"Man, those were some good tacos" 
- Martin Luther King Jr. 
"We should be dreaming. We grew up as kids having 
dreams, hut now we're too sophisituced as adults, as 
a nation. We stopped dreaming. We should always 
have dreams. " -Herb Brooks 

This may be the hardest thing 1 have ever 
had to write. To my Mom and Dad, thank 
you so much for all of your guidance, 
support and advice. I will never forget all 
that you have done for me. I love you both 
so much. My brothers Clay and Alex, I have 
always looked up to you both as the 
brothers, friends, and mentors. My sister 
Anna, in many ways you are my best friend 
and 1 hope that I will play as big a role in 
your life as you have in mine. To all the 
teachers at NHS, thank you so much for 
your wi.sdom and time that you put into 
making me the person I am today. Thank 
you Mr. Paine, Coach Casagrande, Coach 
Doyle, Coach McGuirk, and all of the other 
coaches I've had throughout high school for 
teaching me the valuable lesson to play my 
hardest, but always with my class. Finally, 
thanks to all of my teammates and friends 
that I've made since the start of school. You 
guys mean so much to me and push me to 
be the best player, person, and friend that I 
can be. I will never forget the time 1 spent 
at Norwell High School and I hope to see 
you all soon. Good luck Class of 2012!. ..oh 
and Mr. (captain) Fish, you're cool too. 

Colleen Rose Fitzgibbons 

Field Hockey (capt) 1-4, Drama 2-4, 
Swim Team 1-2, Chorus 3-4, Student 
Government 1-4, National Honor Society 
3-4, Latin Club 2-4 

"Did someone say, 'Draco Malfoy"?" 
-A Very Potter Musical 


In an attempt to avoid any awkward ends to my 
time in the Norwell schools system due to some 
potentially unforeseeable and unfortunate 
events I am going to keep this as general as 
possible. To my family, thank you for raising me 
with a realistic view of the world, to be able to 
quote movies instinctually, and to assert my 
genetic wit. To my friends, thank you for 
allowing me to be myself and to be a part of a 
club that is proud to have me, like Glee Club. To 
my teachers, coaches, and leaders, thank you for 
challenging me and for doing more than your 
fair share of helping through these past twelve 
years. To all of my favorite books, movies, 
television shows, music, journals, and online 
musicals who helped me hold on to most of my 
sanity, especially in these past few years, I thank 
you (probably most of all). If upon reading this 
you feel you have contributed to my success in 
life thus far but have never been properly 
thanked, you are probably right; so thank you 
too. To my classmates, it took us a long time, 
but I think we may have finally proved ourselves 
as a grade. Now that everything is .said and done, 
"I am just as goofy and crazy as I was before, if 
not more insane." - Darren Criss. 

Ian Francis Flesner 

F/es, Flesbo, Rice 

Soccer 3, Lacrosse 1-4, Swimming 1-4, 
JSA 4, National Honor Society 4 

"Little by little, one travels far. " 
- J.R.R. Tolkien 

"It's what you do right now that makes a 
difference. " - Black Hawk Down 

First I would like to thank my mom and 
dad. Mom, you have helped me a lot 
through high school always encouraging 
me when I was feeling down. Dad, I want 
to thank you for always helping me stay 
on the right path and achieve my dreams. 
To my sister Liezel, I know I haven't been 
the best older brother to you but always 
know that I love you. I know you'll 
achieve big things in the future so keep at 
it. Thank you to all of my teachers and 
coaches that helped throughout high 
school. Without your guidance I would 
never be the person I am today. Lastly, 1 
want to thank all of my friends for making 
these past 4 years some of the most fun 
years in my life. Good luck class of 2012! 

Gayle Andrea Foley 

Gaylie, Foley, Gay-lee, Gaf, Snail 

Cheerleading 1 -4, Track 1 -3, 
Dance Team 2-4 

"Life 's tough, get a helmet. " 
- Boy Meets World 

"We laid a lot of memories down, like 
tattoos on this town " 
-Jason Aldean 'Tattoos on This Town" 

I would like to start out by saying thank you to 
my family. Mom and Dad, thank you so much 
for being there every step of the way these past 
four years. To my sisters Allison and Erin; Allie, 
I love you girl! Thank you so much for being the 
best older sister and helping me out whenever I 
needed and driving me to school those mornings 
I had first period study, I know you miss those 
times. Erin, what would 1 have done my 
freshman and sophomore years? Thank you for 
being my older sister and helping me through the 
halls and making sure I was set for the rest of 
my time at NHS. If it weren't for you I don't 
think I would' ve felt comfortable singing and 
dancing like a fool in the hallways like we u.sed 
to! And to my brother TJ! Aww little Teej! 
You're not so little anymore! Good luck the rest 
of high school bud! Live it up! That's all you can 
do! And to my friends! I love you guys sooo soo 
much! Thank you for allowing me to be myself 
around you, if not, I'd have no friends and well, 
that'd be pretty awkward. Seriously though, I 
love you guys and I wouldn't know what I'd do 
without you! Lastly, to the Class of 2012, WE 
DID IT! Crazy how these past 4 years have come 
and gone! We're off to bigger and better things! ! 
Good Luck everyone!! 

Kyle Flaherty Freeman 

Thank You. 
Good Luck class of 2012! 

Craig Richard Frehill 

Golf 1-4, Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4 

"I'll do it later" - Craig Freehill 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being 
there for me and helping me grow up. 
Thank you Memere, Grandpa, Nana and 
Bumpa so much for being the greatest 
grandparents 1 could ever ask for. I 
couldn't have gotten this far without all of 
your help and 1 appreciate it very much. 
Thank you all so much! 

Victoria Rose Gacicia 

Chach, Snooki 

Cheerleading 1-4 (capt) 

"Dream: Shoot for the moon, even if you 
miss you 11 land among the stars " 
- Les Brown 

"Being happy doesn't mean everything's 
perfect, it means you decide to see beyond 
the imperfections " - Unknown 

I would first like to start off by thanking my 
mom and dad. You have been my biggest 
supporters through all the years. 1 wouldn't 
be where 1 am today if it wasn't for you. 
You have shown me that 1 can be the best 
person I can be no matter what Hfe throws 
my way and that I can over come whatever 
gets in my way. I love you both so much! 1 
would also like to thank my brothers Nick 
and Jon for always being the best brothers 
I could ask for. You have always been there 
helping me along the way. Ms. Arnold, 
thank you for always being there for me to 
answer my questions and listening to me 
when I just wanted to talk. You were a great 
support for me and I thank you so much for 
everything you have done. Lastly, I would 
like to thank my friends for always being 
there and to my teacher for supporting me 
through the last fours years. 

Cormac Edward Garvey 


Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-3, Hockey 4, 
Lacrosse 1-4 

First, I woud like to thank my Mom, Dad, 
Tom, and Shea for always supporting me 
no matter what. Next, I would like to 
thank all of my teachers and coaches 
throughout the years for pushing me and 
teaching me everything I need to know. 
Finally, I would like to thank all of my 
friends and teammates for always being 
there and making this high school 
experience unforgettable. Congrats Class 
of 20 1 2 and good luck ! 

Brianna Morgan Gentry 

Bri, G, Bianco, Bri-Bri 

Softball 1-4 (capt). Basketball 1-2, 
JSA 2-4 

"Dream as if you will live forever, live 
as if you will die today" - James Dean 

1 would like to thank my mom first and 
foremost for always pushing me to be 
better, both academically and personally. 
Also, my friends for always being there 
for me no matter what. Jess, Aubrie, and 
Ashley, I don't know where I would be 
without you. The past four years would 
not have been as fun and unforgettable 
without you! My softball girls for making 
the seasons so entertaining, especially 
Coach Browne who was there for me on 
and off the field for anything I needed. 
Lastly, all of my teachers for helping me 
through these past four years and making 

me a better person. Thank you everyone 
and good luck class of 2012! 

Benjamin Clark Gordon 

Wrestling 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Track 1-2, 
JSA 3-4, Student Government 3-4, 
Drama 3 

"When I was a young boy, my mother 
said to me 'If you become a soldier, 
you'll be a general. If you become a 
monk, you'll be the pope. ' Instead, I 
became a painter and wound up as 
Picasso. " -Pablo Picasso 

Alright, so these things tend to be pretty 
standard, so 1 might as well follow the 
pattern. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your 
support, in and out of school. Heidi and 
Nate, you guys are cool too I guess. To all 
my friends, I could not have asked for a 
better group of dudes, even if we are all 
just goons; I can't wait to see how we turn 
out in college. And finally, a special 
shoutout to Steve-o and my C.I.T's (even 
if no one here knows them) and Shannon, 
thank you for everything. HERE WE GO 

Aubrie Donaiee Guertin 



"Life is not measured by the number of 
breaths we take, but by the moments that 
take our breath away. "- Hilary Cooper 

First I would like to thank my senior class 
for such a memorable four years of 
highschool. I want to thank all my teachers 
for the support and motivation they gave 
me throughout the years. I also want to 
thank my friends, Brianna, Jessica, 
Lauren, Ryanne, and Ashley. I don't know 
what I would have done without you 
guys... I also want to thank my boyfriend 
Luke, you have been nothing but 
supporting and accepting of me and I 
couldn't ask for anyone better, I love you. 
And last but not least my family, I know 
I drove you guys crazy for my whole life 
but you guys have shaped me into the 
person I am today. I love you mom, dad 
and Arriane. I wish everyone nothing but 
the best in their future years! We did it 
guys, let's go out with a bang! 

Amanda Kearns Harding 

"Good things come to those who wait" 
- Unknown 

First, I wanted to thank my mom and dad- 
for always being supportive with 
everything I do. You've always pushed me 
to do my best. Thank you for always being 
there for me no matter what. I love you so 
much. Sarah, thank you for always being 
there and I know you will always have my 
back in life. Meaghan- 1 appreciate all the 
advice and friendship that you have given 
me over the years. You truly are a good 
friend. Ashley- you have always been 
there when I've been down and every time 
we are together, we just laugh. I have so 
many great memories that I'll cherish. 
Jackie- you always surprise me but you 
always make me laugh. We always have 
a great time together. Meaghan, I'll always 
remember our crazy Dunkin Dounut's 
drives in the morning. Ashley, I'll cherish 
our "Vampire Thursdays"! Jackie, I'll 
never forget our insane times at Spirit 
Halloween. It's sad thinking that this is my 
last year with the Class of 2012. 1 have so 
many amazing memories and experiences 
that I'll never forget. I wish you all the best 
of luck and hope to see all of you in the 
near future! Congrats, we did it! 

Lauren Catherine Harding 

Laur, Lo, Loio 

Field Hockey 1 , Basketball 1 , Invisible 
Children 1-4 

"But the struggles make you stronger, 

the chances make you wise, and 
happiness has its own way of taking 
sweet time" -Gary Allen 

It feels like yesterday 1 walked through the 
doors of NHS to my first day of freshman 
year. These past few years have tlown by 
and I couldn't have asked for better people 
to spend them with. Momo, Dad, and 
Court, thank you for always supporting 
me with everything I do. You can all cheer 
me up at any time and I love you guys. I 
wouldn't be where I am today without you. 
Ash, Aubs, and Catherine, I couldn't have 
asked for better 'other' sisters. Thank you 
all for everything you've done for me, our 
ridiculous inside jokes, and always 
knowing how to make me laugh. To all 
my other friends, high school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Thanks 
for all the awesome times and memories. 
You guys are the best. Last but not least, 
to the class of 2012, it's beyond weird to 
think this is our last year together. The best 
of luck to you all. We did it! 

Kelly Lynne Harrington 

Ke/, kelly-belly, kelly-bel, kellylynne 

Field Hockey 1-4. Basketball 1, Softball 1, 
Track 1 -2, Yearbook 4 

"Life is like a coin. You can spend it 
anyway you choose, but you can only spend 
it once. " - Lillian Dickson 
"To succeed in life, you need three things: 
a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone" 
-Reba McEntire 
"Everything happens for a reason " 
First, I'd like to thank my parents for 
absolutely everything they have done in 
making me the person that I am today. Dad 
you've taught me how to work hard for the 
things I want in life, and not to give up. 
Thanks for also giving me your stubborness 
although it doesn't always come in handy. I'll 
miss our trips to bucks next year. Mom you're 
the most selfless person I know. I know I can 
come to you for anything. I couldn't have 
asked for better parents to help guide me 
through life. Jacko, my little bro, only not so 
little anymore. I can always count on you for 
a good laugh. Your the nicest guy I know, 
and I love you. Enjoy senior year and make 
the most of it. To my friends, you've always 
been there for me. We've had some of the best 
times together. You guys have influenced me 
in the best ways possible. I can't thank you 
enough. I love you all. To the class of 2012, 
we did it! Congrats and good luck everyone! 

Patrick Joseph Hathaway 

Football 1,4, Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4 

"Things don't always go the way you 
planned them, but if you're rolling with 
the flow then it makes it easier to bend" 
- Beautiful Girls 

Firstly, I would like to thank my family. 
Mom and Dad, thanks for always being 
there for me. Rebecca and Elizabeth, 
thank you for the support and the example 
you have both provided throughout my 
life. I would also like to thank my friends 
for all the good times we've had together. 
You have all shaped me into the person I 
am today. I can't thank you enough. 

Dennis Patrick Hearns 

DaHearns, DaHuns, Nunz 

Swim Team 4, Track 3 

"Smile like you mean it" - The Killers 

I want to thank my friends first because 
the best times were with you guys. And a 
special thanks to you who were around 
during the bad times. I want to thank my 
family for being my family, even if we just 
barely get along some or even most of the 
time. Thanks to the good teachers I had in 
high school. Thanks again to my friends. 
Honestly, it's gonna be weird without you 
guys. Good luck to you all out there in the 

Hugh William Hillstrand 

H6, Hughbie 

Football 2-4, Baseball 1-4 

"Either do, or do not, there is no try" 
- George Lucas 

I'd like to thank Brett and Nick for getting 
into those girly fights, they were funny. 
Andy, Pat, and Chris for all those 
hangouts. I'd like to thank Andy for being 
one of the most courageous and hilarious 
people I've ever met. I'd like to thank my 
parents for raising me to be a good person 
and for everything they have done for me. 
I'd like to thank Lily, Eliot, and Reid for 
being awesome siblings and for making 
me laugh everyday. Reid especially for 
lightsaber fighting me. I'd like to thank 
Gabriella for everything she's done for me. 
NHS was an amazing experience for me 
and I'll never forget it. 

Stephanie Alexandra Howard 

Daffodil, Dilly, Stephy, Booboo girl 

Field Hockey 1 -2, Winter Track 1 -4, 
Invisible Children 1 -4, Yearbook 4 

"It is better to be hated for what you 
are than loved for what you are not. " 
-Andre Gide 

I'm going to start by thanking my favorite 
people in the world. Mom and Dad, your 
support has been never ending. Anyone can 
say this, but you are honestly the best parents 
I could have ever asked for. Thank you for 
everything, I love you both to the moon and 
back! My sissy's, my two best friends, you 
are the greatest role models and I can't 
imagine life without both of you. Between 
tears of joy, laughter and sorrow, your 
shoulders are always the best ones to cry on! 
Love you Krint and Kane! "Everyone wishes 
they were a Howard sister." Vanessa, 
Shannon and Martha (my other sisters) love 
you to pieces, you know me better than I 
know myself! Robbie, thank you for never 
giving up on me. I literally would not have 
survived high school if it weren't for you! To 
the friendly F's. first my girls, love ALL of 
you and thanks for all of the crazy times and 
memories, and to "the boys", the brothers I 
never had, thanks for always putting a smile 
on my face. Nursie, Miss Criss. Ms. Arnold 
and Mrs. Fox. ..thanks for letting me hide out 
with you during class when 1 was bored, and 
of course listening to all of my problems! The 
class of 20 1 2, good luck to you all! ! WE DID 
IT! Later bro's 

Jordan Patrick Jenkins 


Football 1-3, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4 

"He who is not courageous enough to 
take risks will accomplish nothing in life" 
- Muhammad Ali 

First off I want to thank my family for being 
so supportive of everything I have done in 
my life. I want to thank the Norwell students 
and teachers for accepting me into this 
school, I feel as if I've been here all along. 
I really appreciate the respect everyone has 
given me in this school, even coming from 
a different society. I was a little bit nervous 
at tlrst but I've developed relationships with 
students and teachers here that I feel could 
last forever. Mr Sullivan. I thank you for a 
great year of football my junior year, I had 
alot of fun. Mr. Willis. I loved playing for 
you and am looking forward to a great 
season this year. Mr. Jacobs, playing 
baseball and having you as a coach has been 
an awesome time. Thank you. I will never 
forget my times here at Norwell and I hope 
this school continues to succeed in 
academics as well as sports. 

John August Jensen 

Jensen, Jense, Jenny, Jen, JJ, JAJ, 
Jackhammer, Mansen, Lights Out, 
Mooseman, Jbillz 

Football, Indoor track. Lacrosse 

"Straight cash homey " 
- Randy Moss 

"Girls don't think I'm fat, they know I"m 
buff. " - Cartman 

"These snozberries taste like 
snozberries"- Anonymous 

Thank you mom and dad for raising me, 
giving me shelter and food and putting up 
with me for 18 years. Thanks Tom for 
being a great brother, I'll miss the gaming, 
fighting and stuff, good luck next year. 
Thanks to my friends for all the memories 
and good times, whether it was ballin, 
participating in activity tuesday or going 
on adventures it was always fun. Lastly 
thank you Emily for always being there 
for me, watching the Michigan games 
with me and being my best friend, you're 
a boss. Thanks everyone else, it wouldn't 
have been the same without you. 

Laura Grace Kardok 

The Doppler Effect 

Cheerleading 1 -4, Swim team 1 , Ski 
Team 2, Spring Track 1-2. Winter Track 
3, Improv Troup 2 

"Art is either plagiarism or revolution. " 
- Paul Gauguin 

Thank you mom and dad, for helping me 
through tough times, and encouraging all 
my nonsense ideas. All I needed when I 
doubted myself was to hear you both get 
as excited as I was about my crazy 
adventures, and I couldn't have discovered 
myself without you. Thank you Mr. Pap 
for helping me discover how much art 
means to me. You taught me how to never 
give up even when a piece doesn't come 
out as good as I'd hoped. Thank you for 
helping me with my most important 
nonsense goal of all; becoming an artist. 

John Francis Kearney 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 20 1 2 ! 

Jessica Elizabeth Knudsen 

Jess, jknuds 

Track -l,JSA-3 

"Counting time is not so important as 
making time count. " - Unknown 

"I am good but not an angel. I do sin, 
but I am not the devil. I am pretty, but 
not beautiful. I have friends but I am not 
the peacemaker. " - Unknown 

I want to thank my family and of course 
mostly my mom for putting up with me 
through high school and helping me 
through everything. My Aunt was also a 
huge part of my life and was there for 
almost every one of my memories and I 
want to thank her for practically raising 
me. I love you all. I also want to thank 
20irs Mr. Sullivan class period 6. Mr. 
Sullivan is an amazing teacher and helped 
me through my Junior year. If it wasn't for 
that class I wouldn't have found some of 
the amazing things I now have in my life. 
My friends that I've known for my whole 
life practically, you know who you are, I 
love you and its been a great ride. Stay 

Dennis Peter Kulka 

Dkulk. Kulk, Guns 

Basketball 1-4, Track and Field 3-4, 
Baseball 1 

"You only live once, but if you live right 
once it's enough. "- Mae West 

"/ ain't wearing this shirt when we go 
out, this is the shirt before the shirt" 
-The Situation 

First off, I want to thank my parents for 
everything they have done for me over 
these great 1 8 years. Through all the ups 
and the downs, you were always there, it 
meant a lot. Stephen, enjoy the rest of high 
school, it goes by faster than you think. 
Connor, have fun your senior year. To all 
my friends, it's been awesome. Live it up 
in college. I would also like to thank all 
my teachers and coaches, as they have 
positively shaped me as a person. Good 
luck class of 2012, I'll always remember 
these years. 

Troy Alexander Laffin 

T-roy. T-Laf, T-Bag 

Lacrosse 1-4. Soccer 3-4. Basketball 1 

I would like to thank my parents for 
giving me all the things that I have 
today. Without you, I don't know 
what I would do. I would also like 
to thank my brothers and my sister 
for being someone that I could look 
up to all the time. 

To the class of 2012, best of luck 
to everybody. And finally to all the 
bros, I'll miss all of you. 

Ashley Kate Lamoreaux 

Shiay, Lam-chops 

Dance Team 2-4, Ski Team 4, Chorus 
1-2, Student Government 

"We'll never know our full potential 
unless we push ourselves to find it. It's 
this self -discovery that inevitably takes 
us to the wildest places on Earth. It's not 
the destination, it's the adventure along 
the way. " - Travis Rice 

Thank you Mom for everything, 
even though we had some rough 
patches, you are the only one that's 
always been there for me. Thanks 
Dad for pushing me to my full 
potential to make me who I am 
today. Thanks to the rest of my 
family, I love you all so much! 
Thank you to all my teachers for 
putting up with me for all these 
years. Also, thank you to all my 
friends, love you guys. 

Christopher Wray Largent 


Football 1, Swimming 1-2, 
Spring Track 1-2, 
Cross Country 2, Wrestling 3, JSA 4, 
Grilling Society 4 

"Variety is the spice of life, but 
simplicity is the food you sprinkle it on. " 

Thank you, everyone. To my teachers, for 
giving me the opportunities to excel 
academically. To my friends, for giving 
me the best times anyone could ask for. 
D'Angelo's almost every Friday, 
tailgating with Cook Master Clarge, 
bridge jumping after school every day 
when it gets warm. You guys are the best. 
To my parents, you guys shaped me into 
who I am, supporting me and pushing me 
to be all that 1 can be. Thank you. T-Large, 
you're the man. We've gone through a lot 
and you've influenced me more than 
anyone else. Hannah, you're the best, you 
mean so much to me and I'll always be 
there for you. To everyone in all of my 
classes and all of the school - everyone 
contributes to make this place the best that 
it can be and for that I thank you. 

Joshua Connor Lind 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Drew Connor Linehan 

Lacrosse 1-2, Football 1-3 

Thanks to my family for giving me 
a lot of great memories and for 
always supporting me. You all 
have given me a strong foundation 
to stand on and I will make you 
proud. Thanks to my friends for 
always being there and making me 
laugh! I will always remember the 
good times and the crazy ones. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Michael Blake Liuzzi 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Daniel James Lockwood 

Dan, Smoothie 

Basketball 1, Lacrosse 1-4 

"They talk it, I live it " - Wiz Khalifa 

I would like to thank my Mom for always 
having my back. Dad thanks for always 
being there for me. My brothers Matt, Jon, 
and Shmay for always being soft and 
making me laugh. Mrs. Field thanks for 
always putting up with my nonsense. 
Shannon thanks for doing your thing ... 
you da best. To my gangstas you know 
who you are its been a crazy ride don't 
regret any of it. Maybe I'll come back to 
this place when I'm famous. Peace. 

Shealyn Rae Lonergan 

Shea, Shea-Shea, Shlor^ergan 

Brianna Alexandra Luciw 

Field Hockey 1 -4, 
Swimming 1-4 (capt.). 
Spring Track 1 -2, Peer Education 3-4, 

National Honors Society 3-4, 
GSA/Diversity Club 1-3, Yearbook 4 

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. " 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

First off, I would like to thank my family. 
Mom and Dad, thank you for always 
supporting me and pushing me to do my 
very best. Even if I deny it, I know both 
of you know best and your advice means 
everything to me. Cormac, thank you for 
single-handedly driving me crazy and 
making me laugh hysterically at the same 
time. If there is one thing I have learned 
from our family it is that laughter truly is 
the cure and without our family's goofy 
times, I would not have made it through 
the stressful years of high school. I could 
not thank you all enough ! I also would like 
to thank those I have grown close to over 
the years. Together we have faced ups and 
downs, but the ups definetly outweigh the 
downs. The fun and crazy memories are 
countless and I will miss you all so much 
next year! Class of 201 2, it has been really 
fun these past four years, but I think its 
time for us to leave this little town. 
Congratulations and good luck! See you 
later NHS! 

Meaghan Elizabeth Lynch 

Meg Lyn, Meags, Meagles 

Amnesty International 1 -4, GS A/ 
Diversity Club 1-4 

"One regret dear world, that I am 
determined not to have when I am lying 
on my death bed is that I did not kiss you 
enough. " - Hafez 

To my friends-Tomorrow comes, 
whether we like it or not. And while 
I hope it includes you all, I cannot 
know. So I must say now, thank 
you. For all the days passed, 
whether in laughter or tears, or 
simply waiting for the world to 
turn, it has never been better than 
when I was with you. So believe in 
tomorrow, it's yours to take; for 
shelter or adventure, it's always, 
always, yours. And I hope to be 
present for many more pages in the 
story of your lives, as I hope you 
will be in mine. I love you all. 

Talia Mei Macauiey 

Tata, Tay, Tal 

Field Hockey 1-4, Spring track 1-4 
Indoor track 1,2, Environment Club 3,4 

"I'm not so good with the advice. ..can I 
interest you in a sarcastic comment?" 
- Chandler Bing 

I of course first want to thank my parents, 
without you there is no way I would have 
made it through these past four years. You 
have gotten me through all those stressful 
late nighters and taught me to take the 
most out of these last years being the best 
person I can be. I also want to thank the 
people who have truly been there through 
the ups and the downs, the good and the 
bad, the laughs and the cries. I want to 
thank you, for sharing some of my best 
laughs and experiences with me and 
making these last four years more 
exciting, eventful, and outrageous (in a 
good way of course) than I ever would 
have imagined. Your ridiculous and 
quirky personalities have made these last 
years so much easier, more fun, and 
crazier than anything I could imagine and 
I would not have my friends any other 
way. And as for Cam, Matt and Caitlin, 
live up these next years the best you can, 
enjoy every second and soak it all up 
because they're gonna be some of the best 
of your life. Congratulations Class of 
2012, we finally made it! 

Michael Thomas 

Thank You. 
Good luck class of 201 2! 

Katherine Elizabeth Mahar 

"/ suppose now is the time for me to say 
something profound.... nothing comes to 
mind. Let's go. " 
-ColonelJack O'Neill, SGI 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Andrew Francis Marrese 


Wrestling 1-3, Track, International Club 

"I've never been one to look up the 
ladder. I've always looked down the 
ladder. As long as there's one guy down 
there, I'm fine. " - Anonymous 

I would first like to whole heartedly thank 
my parents who somehow managed to 
stand my craziness for so many years and 
who have supported me with everything I 
have done in my life. Also I want to thank 
all of my friends for the adventures, good 
times and fun that made every year better 
then the last. 

Jaclyn Veronica McBain 


Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 1-2, 
Field Hockey 1, Latin Club 2-4, 
National Honors Society 3-4 

"And he said, someday I hope you get 
the chance to live like you were dyin'. " 
- Tim McGraw 

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life 
than being really, really, ridiculously 
good looking, and I plan on finding out 
what that is. " - Derek Zoolander 

"See you in another life, brotha. " 
- Desmond Hume, LOST 

First, I would like to thank my family. Mom and Duil. 
you have supported me and put up with mc 
throughout my entire life, and for that I am grateful. 
Jarret, thank you for being the best older brother and 
for making pancakes with me when you were home 
Lauryn. thank you for all your advice and for 
teaching me how to be cool. Steph. thank you for all 
the laughs and serious conservations about the 
important things in life, such as LOST. Next. I would 
like to thank all my friends. Thank you for putting 
up with my ridiculous antics and making me laugh 
the hardest 1 ever have in my life. You're crazy, but 
I love you all so much. You guys are the absolute 
best, and I don't know what I would do without you 
I would also like to thank all my teachers at NHS for 
filling my head with more information than I thought 
it could handle. Finally, I would like to thank the 
Class of 2012 as a whole. It's been fun growing up 
with you all, and I can't believe we finally made il 
here. Good luck in everything you do. On that note. 
I'm outta here. Later, NHS. 

Steven William McClelland Peter Morton McDonald Martha Elizabeth McElroy 

Steve, mmmsteven, Stevie P-Dub, Adonis Mattie 

Mock Trial 1-4 (capt),News 1-4 (eic), 
Environment Club 2-4 (pres), XC 1-4 
(capt), Swim team 2-4 (acapt) 

"If you put your mind to it, you can 
accomplish anything. " - Marty McFly 

"But I have promises to keep, cmd miles to 
go before I sleep, and miles to go before I 
sleep. " - Robert Frost 

Dunkies, Bruegger's, paper at 10 pm, 
B'moon, jazz combo 3-4, quiz show, 
shelter, Eating Est., driving around town 
(s)... a lot. Red Mango, frisbee. Dr. Dana 
Piltch, lightbooth, summer, beaches, pasta 
parties, can't remember free time. Frosh, 
good luck/don't worry, it only gets harder. 
Thx amazing homeroom. Sophs, I can 
always count on you to ask for rides. Thx 
Junior pals. My news staff is rock where 
I rest. Thx fellow seniors, its been a blast, 
thx ' 1 1 friends for letting me ride your 
wave. Thx to the YG /ucc. huge thx (and 
love) to my parents, couldn't do it without 
you. My entire family, Mark/Dan. Thx 
Teachers/Coaches/ Advisors. Thx to Sulc, 
O'Briant, Lozan, Hanke, and Cortright. 
If I have forgotten anyone consider this 
your thank you.. 

Swimming 1-4 (capt). Math Team 1-4, 
Quiz Show 3-4 

"Begin at the beginning and go on until 
you reach the end; then stop " 
- Lewis Carroll 

"Life is a moderately good play with a 
badly written third act" - Truman Capote 

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and 
forget to live. " - Albus Dumbledo 

Because I don't want anyone to feel left 
out, I would like to thank everyone who's 
helped me survive my way through these 
past four years. To my teachers and 
friends, you guys have been awesome. To 
my mom, dad, and Willie, thanks for 
helping me through the tough times. And 
to the swim team, you guys are the best 

Field Hockey 4, Dance, Art 

"Don 't let anyone .steal your dream, 
because it's your dream. Not theirs. " 

Remember when everybody said I should 
just move to Norwell and I did? 

Brendan Mark McGreenery 

Bma, Bma J, Bren 

Basketball 1-4, Football 4, Lacrosse 1-2, 
Track 3-4, Peer Ed 3-4, Drama 1-2, 
Student Government 2-4 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop aiid look 
around once in a while, you could miss it. " 
- Ferris Bueller 

"And I know that life is nothint; easy. One day 
Imma change the world and they 'II finally believe 
me." -Mac Miller 

I'd first like to thank my mom and my dad. You 
guys have constantly been my source of 
support with whatever decisions I choose to 
make. You have never stopped me from being 
me and for that I am truly thankful. Mom, thank 
you for all you do for me. You are the best mom 
and 1 wouldn't be where 1 am today without 
you. Dad. thank you for showing me what hard 
work is. You have truly inspired me to work 
as hard as you do and 1 will never forget that 
lesson. I also would like to thank the teachers 
and coaches I have had over my years at NHS. 
Thank you for you all have played some part 
in shaping me into the man 1 am today. 1 now 
feel ready to tackle life's future challenges 
because of your influences. Finally, I'd like to 
thank my friends. Nick. Brett. Riley, Joe, 
Dennis. Pat. Kevin. Sean. Troy, Bo and others- 
you have all helped me become the person I 
am today. We have had our share of memories- 
both good and bad but I will never forget any 
of them. You guys are the best friends a guy 
could have and I want to thank you all for 
accepting me for being me. It's been a great 
ride; 1 wish everyone luck with their futures. 
I'm ready to start mine. Peace out NHS, its 
been real. 

Trey Anthony McLean- 

Dr. Trey, Trey Songs, and Trev 

Taekwondo, Jui-Jitsu 

"Change, I guess change is good for any 
of us. Whatever it takes to get up out the 
hood, I 'm with you. I aint mad at ya. I 
got nothing but love for ya. Do your 
thing boy. " - Tupac 

"Life is too short to hold a grudge, 
forgive and forget. " - me 

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and 
discover that the prisoner was you. " 
-Lewis B. Smedes 

I want to thank everyone that has helped 
support me through my high school career. 
I also want to thank all the new friends that 
have accepted me into Norwell. My mom, 
the biggest influence for me to finish 
school and better myself is all I thought 
about when I feel like it's too much. The 
greatest memory of Norwell High that I 
have is going to Spain. In Spain I was able 
to get closer to some of my peers as well 
as learn more about another culture around 
the world. Senior year is the end of what 
I have grown to know, but the beginning 
of what is to be the rest of my life. So 
thanks Norwell High for hosting the most 
important years of my school life thus far! 

Matthew Alexander 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Victoria Elizabeth Moore 

Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1, Indoor 
Track 2-4, Lacrosse 1 -4, Environmental 
Club 3-4. Peer Education 4 

"In life people trip, most people fall, 
some turn that trip into a beautiful 
beautiful dance. " - John Mayer 

First off I would like to thank my family. 
Mom and Dad - you have never stopped 
believing in me and always urged me to 
do things with 110% effort. Without you 
I would not be the person that 1 am today 
and for that I thank you. Brian, you have 
been a great big brother and friend and 
have always been there when I needed you 
for anything, you immensely influenced 
my hfe and also without you I would not 
be the person I am today. To all the 
teachers and coaches, you taught me some 
of life's most important lessons and 
guided me through these four years of high 
school, which seemed to go by so fast. 
And finally to my friends, you made high 
school the experience of a life time and I 
will never forget any of you for it, thank 
you. Congratulations Class of 2012 and 
Good Luck!! 


Brett Stephen Morgan 

B/g Red 

Baseball 1-4 (capt). 
Football 1,3,4, (capt.), Basketball 1-4 

"Sleep? Sleep is for those who are 
broke. I don't sleep. I got an 
opportunity' to make a dream become a 
reality. " - 50 Cent 

I would like to thank my family loving 
parents and sister Faith for always being 
there for me and supporting me 
throughout my high school experience! I 
want to thank all of my friends especially 
Nick, Casey, Riley, Joe, Bma, and Hugh. 
I love you guys forever and I will never 
forget you! Thank you to all of my 
teachers and coaches for helping me along 
the way. Also, I want to give a special 
thanks to the wonderful lunch ladies and 
Ms. Hannigan. Thank you Alii for being 
there for me all the time! Thank you Ms. 
Arnold (Prescott) for helping me get into 
college and making High School a 
thousand times easier - you are the best! 
Finally, thank you Steven for blessing us 
with your prescence on prom night, 
hopefully we see you again soon. 

Mary Louise Murphy 

Azores, Margarita 

"You can't hurt someone that doesn't 
care. " - Unknown 

"If you always do what you've always 
done, you'll always get what you always 
got, and you'll always feel what you 
always felt. " - Mark Twain 

Thank You. 

Siobhan Julia Murphy 

Smurph, Murpy 

Cross Country 2-4 (capt.). Winter Track 
3-4, Spring Track 1-4, Mock Trial 1-4 
(capt.), National Honor Society 3-4, 
Peer Ed 3-4 

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what 
we truly are, far more than our 
abilities. " 
-Albus Dumbledore 

"Get your facts first, then you can 
distort them as you please. " 
-Mark Twain 

Mom and Dad, thanks for always being 
there and supporting me especially when 
I was being a pain. Thank you for 
encouraging me and keeping me going 
when I felt like giving up. Russell, good 
luck with high school, and always 
remember to be you no matter what 
everyone else says. Clare, thanks for being 
such a good role model and setting the bar 
so high. I couldn't have a better big sister. 
XC girls, keep up the streak! Catherine, 
Madi, Laura and Katy - for all the good 
times no matter how random and crazy 
they got to be. You guys are impossible to 
forget, no matter what. Joey, thank for you 
being such a great part of my life and 
always believing in me. Best of luck '12. 

Cabot Jeffery Noyce 

Football 4, Lacrosse 4 

Thanks to all my friends for everything, 
we lived it up this year ... you know who 
you are and I love every one of you. 
Thanks mom and dad for always being 
there, I appreciate everything that you've 
done for me. Love you guys. And to the 
two best sisters in the world hope you have 
a great time in high school. 

Brendan Patrick O'Connor 

6o, bokonkwo. Bo Connor, Beaux, Uncle 
Bo, Wayne Rooney, Pretty Boy Swag, 
Orange County, The OC, Bo-Flex, 
Connie Bo, Bo Conns, Bocrates, 
Ernie Boch Jr., Okie, Sauce, Father Time, 40 
year old man, B.O.,Body Odor, Grandpa 

Soccer 2-4, Track & Field 2-4, Peer Ed 
3-4, Basketball 2, Wrestling 3, Indoor 
Track 4 

"I don't sleep, I dream awake" 
-Childish Gambino 

"When I was 17, I had wrists like steel 
and I felt complete. " 
-Vampire Weekend 

To my parents, thank you for everything, 
you have shaped me into the man I am 
today and I am extremely grateful for 
every sacrifice you've made for me. To 
my siblings, Kelly, Meghan, Caitlin, 
Rory , I could not have asked for better role 
models in my life. I have always looked 
up to you four and you all mean the world 
to me. To all my friends, acquaintances, 
teachers, and everyone else I have 
encountered in my time at NHS, thank you 
for being part of this experience with me, 
and I wish you all the best of luck in the 

Grace Ann O'Hara 

Paddy O'Hara, Grade 

Field Hockey Manager 1 , Best Buddies 
1-4, Special Olympics Tennis and 
Equestrian 2-4, Friendship Club 3-4 

"Everyday holds a possibility of a 
miracle. " - Anonymous 

I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, Katie 
and Meaghan for all of their help. Thanks 
to Jamie, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Field, Mrs. 
Kaupp, Mrs. Rheault and Mrs. Boyer. 




Ian Robert O'Shaunghnessy 

OSh, OShaun, OShmaster, OSh Kosh. 
OScrawnessy, IRO 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-2, 
Track & Field 2 

"Keep going. You're good. You're good. You're 
good. ..and. ..stop. Don't worry Captain, we'll buff out 
those scratches. " - Spongeboh Squarepants 

"So there's this car that runs on water, man... " 
- Steven Hyde 

"Look, let me explain something to you. I'm not Mr. 
Lebowski. You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So, 

that's what you call me. That, or His Dudeness, 
Duder, or El Duderino, if you know, you're not into 
the whole brevity thing. " 
- Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski 

First of all, I want to thank my parents. Both of 
you have always had my back, even when the 
times got tough and I didn't always make the best 
decisions. I love you guys, and I've only gotten 
this far because of you. Ryan and Colin, you guys 
are the best brothers I could ask for. You've 
always been my best friends, and you always 
will be. Never stop doing what what you're doing 
because it will always have an impact on me. To 
all my friends, Chris, Hugh, Andy, Pat, Ben, and 
everyone else, you guys are the best and funniest 
people I know, and I just want you to know you 
mean a lot to me. To my coaches, especially 
Coach Luc, thank you for giving me every 
opportunity to succeed, and being what every 
coach should be. Thank you to all my teachers 
who have paved the way through this school and 
helped me find out who I am. My life wouldn't 
be the same without you. Thanks to anyone else 
I might have forgotten, and I hope eveiyone has 
an awesome bunch of years ahead of them. 

Sean Thomas O'Sullivan 

Su//y, Sean 0., El Capitano 

Soccer 2-4 (capt.). Hockey 1-4, Track 1 

"Set your goals high, and don't stop till 
you get there. " - Bo Jackson 

"Don't let winning make you soft. Don't' 
let losing make you quit. Don 't let your 
teammates down in any situation. " 
- Larry Bird 

The past four years of my life have been 
amazing and I would like to thank the 
people and teachers of Norwell High 
School. The people first and foremost that 
I would like to thank are my parents. To 
my mom, for always being on my side. To 
my dad, for never letting me quit. To 
Sheamus and Brendan, my brothers, for 
repeatedly having my back. To Mrs. Field, 
for constantly keeping me organized. 
Finally, to the soccer crew, you guys have 
been the best friends I could have ever 
wished for. 

Sarah Jean Orleman 

Nam, Norm 

Basketball 1-4, Field Hockey 1, Spring 
Track & Field 1-2. Environment Club 
2-4, Peer Educator 3-4. National 
Honor Society 3-4 

"Tomorrow is not guaranteed so make 
the most of your time today " 

Thank you to my family, teachers, 
coaches, and friends; I never would've 
made it through these past few years 
without your support. To Mom and Dad, 
you both have been there for me whether 
it be for school or basketball, everything 
I've learned from you has helped me to 
become who I am today. Lauren, 
although we used to fight, and we still 
do, you're one of my best friends and I 
love you, don't ever forget it! Colin, 
you've always been my cute little 
brother and always will be. I don't know 
what I'll do next year when 1 can't watch 
you at all your games, I love you bud! 
To all my friends, we've had our ups and 
downs, but we always come out strong 
in the end. The memories we've made 
will last me a lifetime. To all my 
basketball girls, I love you all and have 
enjoyed our time as a team so much, 
good luck next season! As much as I've 
enjoyed my time here in Norwell, 
college is finally here; good luck class 
of 2012! 

Alexander Grant Ouellet 

OIlie, Ouellet, Bloody 

FIRST Robotics team 348 Captain, FLL 
team Mentor, FIRST Volunteer 

"From his neck down a man is worth a 
couple of dollars a day, neck up he is 
worth anything that his brain can 
produce. " - Edison 

Whatever the mind of man creates, 
should be controlled by man 's character. 

Thank You. 
Good luck class of 2012! 


Christian Anthony 

Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Golf 2-3 

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's not 
caring. Because when you love someone 
you truly care about them and could 
care less about the people you hate. " 
- A Little Birdy 

I really have too many memories to put 
into 250 words... Thank you to all my 
friends and family who have gotten me 
through these past 4 years. Love you 
guys. Peace out. 


Paul Gerard Parys 

Lacrosse 1-4 

ain't Saturday, but it don't matter to 
me. . . got no job. " 
-Sammy Carlson 

"If you 're going to do something tonight 
that you'll be sorry for tomorrow, sleep 
late. " 
-Henny Youngman 

Thanks mom and dad for always being 
there. Natalie, good luck with the rest of 
college. Hudson, good luck with high 
school. Thanks to everyone who has 
helped me during my time in Norwell. 

Frank Michael Patarino 

Frankie, Frankie P., Swagger 

Best Buddies 1-4, Newspaper 2-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4, Volunteer 
Corps 3-4. Baseball 1, Basketball 1 

"When you come to a fork in the road, 
take it! " - Yogi Berra 

First off, I want to thank my friends for an 
awesome four years. My time at Norwell 
High School definitely would not have 
been the same without you. I also owe a 
big thanks to my teachers for their 
encouragement and support. Last, but not 
least, I want to thank my family. Dad and 
Mom, you have always been there for me. 
Thank you for your unconditional love 
and for teaching me the values that have 
made me who I am today. And Ally- 
Thanks for always having my back and for 
all your "helpful tips" along the way. 
Congrats and good luck Class of 2012! 

Racheal Louise Patrolia 

"You'll get mixed up, of course, as you 
already know. You 'II get mixed up with 

many strange birds as you go. So be 
sure when you step. Step with care and 
great tact and remember that Life's a 
Great Balancing Act. Just never forget 
to be dexterous and deft. And never mix 
up your right foot with your left. " 
- Dr. Seuss 

Thanks to my mom, dad, sister, teachers 
and tutors. 

Matthew Joseph Pederzani 

tAotty, Peds 

"I ate a beta fish dude" 
- Unknown 

I just want to say thank you to my 
parents and teachers for guiding 

Brianna Marie Perfetuo 

Bran, Branna, Branny, Brownie, 

Swim Team 1-4; Track & Field 2-3; National 
Honors Society 3-4; Invisible Children 2-4 

"You don't always have to hold your head higher than 
your heart " - Jack Johnson 

"I just like to smile. Smiling' s my favorite. " - Elf 

" If this is about maturity, I want nothing to do with 
it. " - Michael Kelso 

Jacqueline Kathleen Perron 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

First of ail, I'd like to thank my family. Mom and 
Dad- you give me so much love and support, and 
I'm grateful for all you've done for me. Charlie 
and Nick- the both of you are good kids and good 
brothers, I love you guys more than you think. 
Keep everyone laughing, it's what you do best. 
Sarah- You're the sister anyone would want, and 
on top of that you're also my friend. You're 
easily the goofiest person I know, and you can 
always make me laugh. I also want to thank my 
best friends. Laura and Eliza. LBear, you always 
give the best advice and you're funnier than words 
can describe. You're an amazing person and I love 
that 1 have you to rely on. Ging, you always have 
my back and know exactly what makes me happy. 
We've been best friends since third grade and I 
love that I've always had you by my side. I love 
you guys and your both more like sisters than best 
friends. Charley, thank you for always being there 
for me and picking me up when I'm down. Also 
thank you to Mr. Nottingham, you're my favorite 
teacher and I'm going to miss art when I graduate. 
High School has gone by way too fast, but I 
couldn't be happier with the people I spent it with. 
Good luck to the class of 2012!!! Hakuna Matala 

If I 

Zachary Haines Peterson 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Emily May Pickard 

Em. Ems, Epick, Picky, Emdog 

Swimming 1-4 (capt.), 
Softball 1-4 (capt.). Field Hockey 1-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 (VP), 
Peer Education 3-4 

"If we're lucky, we realize that in the face of 
everything, in the face of li fe, the true dream is 
being able to dream at all" 
- Grey's Anatomy 

I can't believe these four years have gone by 
soquickly . I couldn't have been able to succeed 
without my parents. Thank you both for always 
being there for me and supporting me through 
everything I've done. Garrett - thanks for being 
a great brother and an even better friend. 
Thanks for coming with me to Marylou's all 
those times and even coming with me to that 
Jonas Brothers concert (sorry about that). To 
all my friends thanks for always being there 
and having my back. These past four years 
have been so much fun and they wouldn't have 
been nearly as good without you guys. We've 
made so many memories together, and I hope 
we make so many more in the years to come. 
Thanks to all my coaches and teachers who 
have supported me and encouraged me to be 
the best I can, and thank you to my swim team, 
field hockey, and softball teammates for 
making these past 12 seasons so awesome. 
Class of 2012: thanks for all the memories, I'll 
miss all of you so much. Congratulations and 
good luck! 

Alicia Ann Reggiannini 

Regg, Beesh, Leesh, A/eec/io 

Cheerleading 1-2, Golf 3-4, Basketball 
1-3, Dance Team 2-4, Student 

Government 2-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"Sometimes it happens in an instance. We step up, 
we see a path forward. We see a path and we lake it. 
Even when we have no idea where we're going." 
- Grey's Anatomy 

First off I would like to thank my parents. 
Without your endless love and support, 1 would 
not be where I am today. 1 can't thank you 
enough for the opportunities you have given me 
and for pushing me to become the best person I 
could be. Anthony, I don't know where I would 
be without you. You are truly the best brother I 
could have asked for. Thanks for all the advice 
you have given me and all the fun we have had. 
To the rest of my family, thank you for all you 
have done for me. To my friends, thanks for 
always putting a smile on my face and keeping 
things exciting, I'll miss you all next year! AUi 
and Meg, I don't think I could have gotten 
through high school without you two. Thanks 
for being there for me when I needed you. I love 
you and I know we will always be friends! Leah, 
thank you for making me laugh at everything. 
By the way you know I give you so much credit 
for the wall. Colleen, can't believe all the 
memories we've had since we were two. I know 
I can always count on you for the answer to a 
Harry Potter question, or a quick movie quote. 
To all my teachers, coaches, and mentors, thank 
you for guiding me and keeping me on the right 
path. Finally to the class of 2012, thanks for all 
the memories, congrats and good luck! 

Joseph John Ricciuti 

joe, Joey, Rishoots, Ricciuti Lax 

Football 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, 
Lacrosse 1-4 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream 
of the future, concentrate the mind on 
the present moment" 
- Buddha 

I would first like to thank my mom and 
dad for everything that they have done for 
the past 18 years of my life. I love you 
guys and 1 am proud to be your son. Peter 
and Jack keep it up and make sure to work 
hard on the field and in the classroom. 
Next I would like to thank all of the 
teachers throughout the Norwell 
Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. 
You all taught me very well and prepared 
me for the real world. I would also like to 
thank all the coaches that I have had over 
the years, you all have taught me many 
life lessons. I would like to thank 
Smoothie, Nunu, Riley, Bma, Brett, 
Stapes, and all of my bros. You guys mean 
the world to me and are my boys forever. 
Last and not least, I would like to thank 
Tessa for always being there for me. Your 
a really special person and will forever be 
in my heart. Keep it real NHS. 

George Everett Robbie 

Tennis 1-4, Ski Team 2- 4, Soccer 2-4, 
Hockey 1 

"Twenty years from now you will more 
disappointed by the things you didn 't do 
that by the ones you did. So throw of the 

bowlines. Sail away from the safe 
harbor. Catch the trade winds in your 
sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " 
- Mark Twain 

Thank you to my Mom and Dad for 
helping me with everything and 
motivating me to set my goals high. You 
have encouraged me in many ways and 
prepared me for life's many challenges. 
Thanks to my siblings, Brooks and Hallie, 
for always being there for me and 
supporting me. Thanks to my friends for 
giving me something to laugh about over 
the years and helping me with anything I 
ever needed. Thank you to all my teachers 
at NHS for providing me with an 
education. Thanks to all my coaches for 
helping me succeed. I will miss Norwell 
High School and everything it has 
provided me with. I will always cherish 
the everlasting memories from over the 
years and will never forget the class of 

Julie Marie Roberts 


Cheerleading 1-2, Gyntmastics 1-2 

"To be nobody but yourself in a world 
which is doing its best, night and day, to 
make you everybody else means to fight 
the hardest battle which any human being 
can fight; and never stop fighting. " 
-E.E Cummings. 

Where do I even begin? The years flew 
right by me during the good times and the 
bad. The best memory of all that I have is 
right after freshman year when I flew first 
class to Germany and Switzerland with my 
best friend Ashley Lamoreaux. Two 1 5 year 
olds running around Germany and 
Switzerland without any supervision- that 
is having the time of your life. There's been 
so many memories since then with all my 
friends which 1 will treasure forever. But, 
through all my rough patches, in the junior 
year I met my boyfriend, who changed my 
whole outlook on life. The memories I share 
with Mike, my boyfriend, are so treasured 
and meaningful. With that said, I would like 
to thank Ashley for being the best friend 1 
could ever imagine, Giuliana for being the 
sister I always wanted, Nina for never 
giving up on me, my parents for supporting 
me through everything, my brother Nick for 
being the most amazing little guy ever, and 
most importantly Mike for believing in me 
and never letting go. Good luck class of 
2012! We finally made it! 

George Riley Sheehan 

GRShillz, Butch, Meat 

Football 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Wrestling 1, 
Track 3 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are 
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we 
are powerful beyond measure. It is our 
light, not our darkness that most 
frightens us. " - Anonymous 

Thank you mom and dad. Thanks to all 
my coaches. I'll never forget the 
Entourage. I love you Steven. BMA you 
my dood. Thanks for forcing me to do 
this Emily. 

Katelyn Rose Sheehan 


Track 2-4, Book Club 1,2 & 4 

"/ solemnly swear that I am up to 
no good" 
- Harry Potter 

I can't believe we are finally graduating! 
Thank you class of 2012 for creating the 
best memories. Thank you to Ms. Criss, 
Mr. Bradshaw, Mr. Nottingham & Mr. 
Davenport for being the best teachers I 
have ever had, your kindness will always 
be remembered. To Madi Willis, 
Catherine Stack, Siobhan Murphy, 
Catherine Smith and Marina Cubellis you 
guys have been amazing friends & will 
always hold a place in my heart. Thanks 
to my Mom & Dad for supporting my 
every decision & loving me 
unconditionally. I will miss you at 
college. Chris V & Pat C- you guys have 
changed my life and 1 love you both. 
Thank you to Chuck Martin for being the 
best coach and putting up with my antics. 
Finally, to Julia and Bdiigzz, I will send 
you a college toilet seat! 

Lawrence Charles Sheridan 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

I 1 i 


Ashley Anne Sifflard 

Siffy, Sifflouzi 

Ashley Amanda Silverberg 

Abigail Ruth Smith 

Abby, Tabby, Abadale 

Softball 1-4, Field hockey 1, Art Club 1, 
Invisible Children 1-2, Environment Club 
3-4, Peer Education 3-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"Just be yourself, there is no one better" 
- Taylor Swift 

Thank you to everyone for all the support 
you have given me throughout the past 
seventeen years. Mom and Dad- 1 wouldn't 
be the person that I am today without your 
love and guidance. Thank you for always 
being there for me no matter what. Adam, 
you're one of the funniest people that I know 
and I'll miss you so much next year. Even 
though we fight sometimes, you and Steve 
are the best brothers I could ask for and don't 
ever forget it! Steve, I'll miss watching all 
of our TV shows together and our trips to 
Marylou's. Next year won't be the same 
without you! To all my friends, you guys 
have been there since the beginning and I'll 
never forget the amazing memories that 
we've created together. I'll miss all of you 
guys so much next year! Lastly, thank you 
to my teachers and coaches for all the help 
and support you have given me the past four 
years. Congrats and good luck to the class 
of 2012!!! 

Soccer manager 1-2, International 
Club 3 

"Never part without loving words to 
think of during your absence. It may be 
that you will not meet again in this life. " 
- Jean Paul Richter 

Thank you mom and dad for always being 
there for me. I really appreciate it. You've 
always supported me, and I love you for 
that. Thank you to my friends for always 
being there for me. You are my life and I 
love you. We've had our up's and down's 
but we always stick together. Good luck 
class of 2012. 

Field Hockey 1-3, Gymnastics 1-4, 
JSA 2-4. Student Government 3-4, 
Latin Club 2-4 

"/ wonder if I've been changed in the 
night? Let me think: was I the same 
when I got up this morning? I almost 
think I can remember feeling a little 
different. But if I'm not the same, the 
next question is "Who in the world am 
I?" Ah, that's the great puzzle!" 
- Alice's Adventure in Wonderland 

"Look for the ridiculous in everything 
and you will find it. " 
- Jules Rehard 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Sarah and Matt for 
supporting me in whatever I have done for 
these past seventeen years. To my friends, 
thank you for all the laughs. No matter 
where we were, or what we were doing, 
we were always laughing our heads off at 
something, and having a good time. High 
school would have been so boring without 

Catherine Kline Smith 

Jonas, Joney. Jones, Cat 

Cheerleading 1-4 

"Some days you can 't prepare for " 
-Action Item 

Leah Patricia Smith 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4 
(capt) Invisible Children 1 -4, Student 
Government 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4, 
Yearbook 4 

James Joseph Solari 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

"Run Baby Run, Don 't Ever Look Back. " 
-We the Kings 

Well it's crazy that it's our turn to be 
writing these but here it goes. I just wanted 
to take this time to say thank you to all of 
my amazing friends who have been with 
me every step of the way. To all my crazy 
friends that go to concerts with me. we are 
sisters and I love you guys. The bands I 
go and see and hang with, you guys have 
no idea how much you all mean to me, 
your music inspires me and 1 love that. 
Mom thank you for supporting me with 
everything I do and always being there for 
me and letting me go to crazy amounts of 
concerts. Jim you are the best big brother 
anyone could ever ask for, I love you. Dad 
you'll always be in my heart and I wanted 
to thank you for everything you have 
taught me, I miss you. To all the teachers 
I've had thanks for putting up with me and 
teaching me thing I probably would have 
never learned on my own. Lastly, I want 
to thank my class and wish you all good 
luck in your bright futures. 

"Do not stop at no. but instead, keep looking for a 
new route to yes . . . the world is waiting. Don't 
miss your invitation to join. " 
-Laren Poole 

First, I would like to thank my parents. With 
your love and support I've survived these past 
18 years. I know it'll be hard letting go of your 
favorite of all your children, but Erin will be 
gone in 3 years so just grin and bear it. Kylie, 
good luck with that whole NHL wife thing, I 
love you. Tommy, never stop making us laugh. 
I'm so proud of you for e verj'thing you've done. 
Erin, don't forget me when you're a famous 
vocalist living in Hollywood. Tom, thanks for 
being there for me no matter what, you're one 
of my best friends. To all my friends (including 
4th stall), we've been through it all. Darci, AUi 
and Beech- you're the best friends I could ask 
for. Through it all you've been there, I love you. 
Soccer and lax. good luck on all those torturous 
mile Mondays, and painful fitness Fridays. I 
love you. Bball, you're an unforgettable group 
of girls. To all my Lady Clips, never back 
down. Marani, thanks for being the teacher I 
could always go to if needed. It's meant more 
than you know. Stu Gov and the wall, you've 
consumed my high school years with hours of 
outlining, bake sales and fights with 
administrators. We've set the bar high, good 
luck to anyone who tries to top our walls. We 
made it class of 2012! Goodluck in all you do! 
Later NHS. 

Liam Victor Spillane 

Lee, Spillano, Spillz 

Catherine Ann Stack 


Paul Joseph Stack 

Stack, Stacker, Stackhouse 

Soccer, Running, Baseball 

"Leaders are not born, they're made. " 
- Vince Lombardi 

"Just do it. " - Nike 

"Life is like a game- whether I win or 
not, I always try. " - Me 

I will definitely remember the French 
exchange as a major experience for me. I 
also remember being the "new kid" back 
in 7th grade, and I'm very glad I moved 
to such a welcoming place. Norwell. High 
School has been a fun time, and I hope that 
continues in college. I'd like to thank my 
family for helping me with everything, my 
friends for being supportive, and all of the 
teachers I had who not only taught me 
lessons in education, but lessons for life. 

Field Hockey 1 , Cross Country 2-4 

(capt.). Indoor Track 1-4, 
Spring Track 1-4, Mock Trial 1-4 

"/ can 't prove it, but I can say it" 
- Stephen Colbert 

Thanks to my parents, you have always 
(and I know you will continue to) 
supported me in all my goals. To my 
brothers, you guys rock! Jim, thanks for 
the thought provoking (sorta) quarrels. 
Paul, you're always a great listener, and 
certainly a fantastic twin. John, I'm so 
glad to have you as a running buddy and 
someone to watch bizarre TV shows with! 
Cross country girls, we do what we 
want. . .when we want, keep up the streak! 
And of course my friends, who else would 
go running through the halls in snuggles 
with me? Guess now well just have to take 
it to the outside world! Nice job class of 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 2, 
Spring Track 1 -4 

"Sometimes all you have is a bullet and 
a prayer, so don 't miss. " 
- Unknown 
" Yup, that 's not gunna work " 

First I would like to thank my parents for 
all they have done for me and their support 
through these four years of High School. 
It really meant a lot and I actually have 
learned a thing or two (shocking. I know). 
To Catherine, I wish the best for you and 
hope you do great things, and I am sure 
you will because you tell me that every 
morning. To John, enjoy your time in 
Norwell and try to cherish every moment. 
I will always try to be there when you need 
me and help you when you need it. I would 
also like to thank Jim for all the things you 
have shared with me that have guided me 
on what to do (and occasionally what not 
to do) during these 4 years. To all my other 
friends, classmates, and teachers, thank 
you for making this the most memorable 
time of my life. I wish the best of luck to 
the class of 2012. 

Viktor George Stanley 

Vik, Big Vik, Viketor, Mundo 

Lacrosse 2-4, Ski Team 1-4, 
Football 1-4 

"A man is but the product of his 
thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. " 
- Mohandas Gandhi 

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are 
born great, some achieve greatness, and 
some have greatness thrust upon them. " 
- William Shakespeare 

I would first like to thank my parents and 
sister. Thank you mom and dad for 
helping make me a mature young adult, 
special thanks to my sister for teaching me 
the importance of siblings sticking 
together and always being there for each 
other. Also I would like to thank my close 
friends for all the good times that we have 
had over the years, I will never forget the 
lessons I have learned from/with you all. 
Thanks for all the adventures and thanks 
for being there for me. Good luck to the 
rest of the class of 2012. 

Sean Planner/ Staples 

Football 1-4 (capt), Indoor Track 1-4 
(capt). Lacrosse 1-4 (capt) 

"I'd rather be an optimist and a fool 
than a pessimist and right. " 
- Albert Einstein 

"Remember, concentrate on the moment. 
Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts" 
-Qui-Gon Jinn 

"Ride hard, don 't look back. " 
- Aragorn 

I would like to thank my parents and 
family for all the guidance they have given 
me. I have enjoyed every second of our 
time together. I would also like to thank 
all my teachers and coaches for helping 
me grow up, learn how to be a team player, 
and treat everyone properly. I would like 
to thank all my friends for always being 
there. I would also like to thank 
Centennial for always giving us a place to 
play sports and have fun. Good luck to 
everyone and enjoy the rest of your lives! 

Alexander James Titeibaum 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

David John Tobin 

DT, Dave, Tobin, Tobes,Jose 

Golf 2-4, Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1-2, 
JSA 2-4 

"Great moments are born from great 
opportunitues" - Herb Brooks 

"Attitude reflects leadership, Captain" 
- Julius Campbell 

Thanks Mom and Dad for always showing 
me the right path to follow. Casey and Jamie 
thanks for putting up with me. Jamie enjoy 
your senior year it's the best. If your 
teachers have ever held a grudge against 
you I am sorry. Thank you bus divers for 
getting me to and from school. Thank you 
Lunch Ladies for feeding me and giving me 
something to look forward to everyday. 
And lastly, thanks class of 2012 you guys 
are awesome I'll miss you all. Peace out 

Kelly Anne Traft 

KT, KellyT. Trafty 

Field Hockey 1-4, (capt), Basketball 1, 
Indoor Track 2, Softball 1-4 (capt). 
Environment Club 3-4, Peer Ed 3-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile 
because it happened. " 
- Dr.Seuss 

First, I would have to thank my family. I 
appreciate everything that you have done 
for me! Thank you for always believing 
in me, giving me every opportunity, and 
more importantly bearing with me. Janine 
- Enjoy these next two years they will be 
some of the best moments of your life! 
Thanks for being the greatest sister ever! ! ! 
You always know how to make me laugh 
and I will greatly miss our countless coffee 
and Red Mango runs. To my crazy friends- 
You guys are literally the best friends that 
anyone could have and I love you all so 
much! You sure know how to keep me 
sane with your constant humor and 
sarcasm. I could not have done it without 
you! To the Neighbs- Camp outs, walks 
on the lane, heart to hearts you name it. 
You guys have always been there and 
always will be! Congrats class of 2012... 
we finally did it! 

Devin James Uhiman 

Swim Team 1-4, Boy Scouts 

"Do not follow where the path may lead, 
instead go off the trails and leave a new 
path behind. " - Anonymous 

Thank you to Chris Bums. Matt 
Michalkiewicz, Viktor Stanley, Tolu 
Adebanjo, Paul Stack, Noah Wasserman, 
Camden Clory, Amanda Harding, Katie 
Rose Sheehan, Jacqueline Perron, Laura 
Kardok, Pat Hill, Everyone in my four 
years of Swim Team, and all my teachers 
for helping me out so much. 

Andrew John Umbrianna 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Darci Ann Vierra 

D, Daahc, Mini 

Soccer 1-4 (capt), Basketball 1-4 (capt), 
Tennis 1-4 (capt) 

"/ can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me. " 
- Philippians 4:13 

First off, I'd like to thank God for his love and 
guidance. Mom & Dad - thank you for always 
being there for me & for all your love and support. 
Sorry I can never keep my room clean ! Erin - thank 
you for being my best friend. I've always looked 
up to you so much. Kris - You're still so far away 
from HS., but don't rush. Some day you're going 
to wish you could relive these years. I love the four 
of you so much! Soccer & Bball girls - You're a 
second family to me; I don't know what I'd do 
without you. Sophs - Never a dull moment with 
you guys. You're always making me smile. Juniors 
- you girls have grown to be some of my best 
friends. I couldn't ask to be with a better group of 
girls to close out HS. Hoi - I'm always going to be 
here for you. Geeg - You're everything someone 
could ask for in a best friend. I love you girl. 
Remember, driving with your left foot is 
dangerous. Mrs. Field - thank you for not only 
being a great coach but also for being a friend. 
Dito - thank you for believing in me so much in 
class & on the court. Marani - thank you for 
putting up with me for so long! & thank you for 
being a second dad to all of us during basketball 
season! All my girls and guys - 1 love all of you, 
thanks for all the laughs & memories. I'll never 
forget you. Congrats class of 201 2! NHS, it's been 
real. I'll miss ya! 

Nicholas John Voipe 

NJV, Nunu, Birdman 

Basketball 1-4 (capt). 
Baseball 1-4 (capt), Football 3-4 

"This is not a democracy. It is a 
dictatorship. I am the law. " 
- Coach Boone 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always 
being there for me and encouraging me to 
do well in school and sports. You guys 
really made me into the person I am today. 
Thank you Joey for being a great brother. 
Good luck in the rest of your high school 
career. Thank you to all the coaches and 
teachers I have ever had. I would like to 
thank all my friends especially Brett, Joe, 
Riley, Bma and Smoothy. Congrats '12. 

Lewis Thomas Vorderer 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

William Todd Waters 


Football 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Ski Team 3, 
Track 2. 

"Things don't have to change the world 
to be important. " 
-Steve Jobs 

Thank you to everyone who has helped 
me along the way. 

Allison Christine Weiler 

m, Al, Wy Wy 

Student Government, Soccer, Winter 
Track, Spring Track, National Honor 
Society, Peer Ed 

"/ let my feet spend as little time on the 
ground as possible. From the air, fast 
down, and from the ground, fast up. " 
-Jesse Owens 

My biggest thanks go out to my mom- 
you've always been there for the three of 
us whenever we needed you. To Nic-the 
house just hasn't been the same without 
the Weiler ladies all together, I still miss 
the good old sister days. To Hol-I'm so 
glad we've had these last three years 
together, its sad that I'm starting to believe 
we're actually twins. Live it up next year, 
have fun with mom and be the awesome 
girl that I love. Thanks to all my teachers 
and coaches for caring and doing so much 
for me. Everyone else especially Meags, 
Beech, Leah and Dare- 1 love you guys I 
will never forget all our memories 
together. To Brett-thanks for being one of 
my best friends, and always making me 
smile... can't wait for that postcard from 
Italy. And track and soccer good luck next 
year. . . .beat EB . . . ! To our class of 20 1 2- 
good luck out there! ! 

Eliza Avery Westergard 

Elizard, Ging, Liza 

Basketball 1-3. Tennis 1-4 Invisible Children 1-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"I'm so excited" - Atlantis 

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. " 
- Charles Beard 

Thank you to all my family and friends, I 
honestly don't know where I would be 
without you all. You guys were and are 
my solid foundation. I always know I can 
turn to you. Mom and Dad, I couldn't have 
asked for better parents. You've taught me 
the values of diligence, determination and 
to love everyone. Ruth, you help me with 
everything and always have the right 
advice. Jess, I love you an incredible 
amount. Riley, your craziness is exactly 
what I need sometimes. Brianna and 
Laura, we've been together the longest and 
have been through so much together. I 
couldn't have made it through these past 
4 years without you guys by my side. To 
my teachers, you've helped form me into 
a decent adolecent. Thank you especially 
to Mr. Nottingham, Dito, Mrs Cortright 
and all the Spanish teachers, I've enjoyed 
every minute of your classes. School is 
hard, but we all get though it eventually. 
everything, even if it seems crazy and 
always try to meet new people; you never 
know what they have to offer. Congrats to 
the class of 2012, WE MADE IT!! 

Richard Tyler Weshaver 

Rauncy Rich, Rauncii, Rich, Richy 
Rich, Ricky, Ranuncy, Big Rich, 
Richy, Raunchard 

Winter Track 1, 4, Lacrosse 1, 2, 4 

"Grief and tragedy and hatred are only 
for a time. Goodness, remembrance and 
love have no end. " - George W. Bush 

"Humor is just another defence against 
the universe. " - Mel Brooks 

"Never let yesterday use up too much of 
today. " - Will Rogers 

"Best way to cheer yourself up is to try 
to cheer somebody else up. " - Mark 

Thank you Mrs. Field and Mr. Keegan for 
believing in me. Good times with Mr. 
Marani in Math. To the class of 2012 it's 
been real guys! Thanks for all the 

Frank Sylveria White IV 

Fwhite, Mr.F, Whitey 

Pep band 1-4, Ski team 1,3,4, Peered 3-4, 
Student Government 3-4, Jazz Combo 
1-4, Newspaper 2-4. 

"If you take more than 4 choruses, you 're 
just practicing. " 
-Charlie Parker 

"If you don't do it this year, you'll be one 
year older when you do. " 
- Warren Miller 

I want to start off by thanking my parents. 
Thanks for all your encouragement and 
support. Despite my complaints about your 
being over-involved, it all helped. To the 
teachers I've had over the years, thanks for 
teaching me all that you have. To the 
kitchen and janitorial staff, thanks for 
serving me lunch everyday and unlocking 
the band room whenever I asked. Mr. 
O'Briant, thank you for teaching me so 
much more than just music, I know I 
wouldn't be where I am today without you. 
To Mr. O'Briants homeroom, thanks for 
being the best thing ever! You'll do great 
next year! To all the guys and girls I've been 
lucky enough to call my friends, thanks for 
making these some of the best and most 
memorable years of my life. To the class of 
2012, get out there and show the world how 
great we really are! 


Pearl Brooks Williams 


Field Hockey 1-4, Swim Team 1-4, Track 
and Field 1-4, Norwell Volunteer Corps 

"Too many people grow up. That's the 
real trouble with the world, they forget. 
They don't remember what it'.s like to be 

12 years old and being friends with 
everybody. They don't remember what it's 

like to laugh at themselves. They 
patronize, they treat children as inferiors. 
Well I won't do that. If that's what 
growing up is, I refuse to grow up. " 
- Walt Disney 

I would like to say thank you to all the people 
that have stuck by me in life. Through the good 
times and the bad times you are people that 
helped me, stayed with me, laughed with me, 
and shaped me into the person I am today. I didn't 
know what 1 was capable of achieving through 
the years, and to the people that supported me. I 
will always be grateful. Thank you to my family 
for being there for me, thank you to my friends 
for brightening each of my days, and thank you 
to my teachers for giving me an education and 
the oppurtunities that are sure to come with it. 
High school had its obvious ups and downs but 
it will always mark one of the greatest times in 
my entire life. I wouldn't change anything or 
anybody that influenced these four years in my 
life and I would like to say a final thank you to 
all those that made everyday of high school, an 
unforgettable day. I will never forget these years. 
They truly were amazing, as was everybody I 
met, and the experiences that I had because of 

Ryanne Michelle Williams 

Ry, RyRy, RystaJAMZ 

Basketball 1-4, Track & Field 2-4 

" / may not have gone where I intended 
to go, but I think I have ended up where 
I needed to. " -Douglas Adams 

"It's not too late. It's never too late. " 
- Unknown 

It's hard to believe how fast these years 
flew by. First, I would not be where I am 
now without the support and 
encouragement of my family, thank you 
so much. To my friends, I love you thanks 
for everything. Our memories will stay 
with me forever. Mr. Marani, I couldn't 
have done it without you, you guided me 
from start to finish, thank you so much for 
all of your help and advice, you've been a 
great coach and taught me so much. To 
my basketball girls keep up the good work 
and goodluck next year! Class of 2012 its 
been real. Good luck wherever you go. 
Later NHS. 

Madison Marie Willis 

Mod;, Mods 

Cheerleading 1-4, Mock Trial (capt) 2-4, 
Gymnastics 1 , Spring Track 2 

Mom and Dad. thanks for putting up with me even 
though I'm a pain to deal with. Goidy. thanks for 
always being the coolest little brother — Pokemon 
and My Little Pony wouldn't have been the same 
without you. Katie, thanks for being my oldest friend 
ever! Ravenclaw foreverrr~ Katy. Catherine. 
Siobhan and Laura, thanks for years and years of 
Snuggles, sleepovers. sarcasm and thanks for puUing 
up with my weird and spontaneous obsessions. 
Rocky Horror Picture Show? Noel Fielding? Every 
single celebrity who's been the object of my desire 
to inarry them, i.e Hugh Laurie and dare I even 
mention Julian Barratt? To Aisling and Rachael, you 
two are some of the weirdest people I know AND I 
LOVE IT. Making phone calls to random people in 
the middle of the night, obsessing over French 
Canadians and people from Arizona, and for actually 
liking the same music as I like. That last part meant 
more than you probably know. Carly. I LOVE YOU 
FI VE-EVER (dat mean I luv u moar den 4evr). Chris, 
remember that time we were playing hide and seek 
in the school with Ashley and Valerie and you hid 
in the elevator? I do! Sexy Nick — stay sexy. 
GIULIANA. aka Crash, aka Tootsie, aka Blaire: 
tradition. Target. fry-frappe-Friday. spring track, 
SHOUTING, the dead body (that wasn't actually 
there) in the harbor, pizza at Harbor House, Rhode 
Island, veins. Chemistry in general, laughing so hard 
that Gordon yelled at us. Photobooth, 
SPONGEBOB, being on Toddlers and Tiaras (under 
the pseudonyms of Tootie. Tootsie and Big Mama 
Toot, of course). Starbucks, "running" to get in shape 
whilst eating Poptarts. All my amazing teachers: 
thank you! Sophie, Ella. Kiki and Napoleon, thanks 
for being the sweetest pets I could have asked for<3 

Brian Michael Wilson Emily Renee Winn 

Em, Barbie, Blondie, Emmalou, 

Thank you. 

Good luck class of 2012! "Twenty years from now you will he more 

disappointed hy the things that you didn't do lhan you 
did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the 
safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover. " - Mark Twain 

First off, thank you Mom and Dad for putting 
up with me. I know I can be a lot to handle - 
I love you both the whole wide world. 
Lauren, thank you for being the best older 
sister a girl could ask for. You're the strongest 
girl I know, you always have my back and I'll 
always have yours. Carolyn, live life to the 
fullest, take chances and never let anything 
hold you back. It goes by fast so don't forget 
to take it all in. I love you both! Meaghan, 
Andrea, Tracie and Brianna- God made us 
cousins because no one could handle us as 
sisters. To my friends, there is so much I 
could say about each of you and I honestly 
don't know where to start. My girls- thank 
you for the laughs, tears and amazing 
memories. Jess- my blonde girlfriend; 
preschool and senior year, love you girlie! 
Andy- my best guy, 2 AM phone calls and 
adventures, you got me through some of my 
hardest times, love you bud! Kenzie- my 
partner in crime, every morning for the past 
4 years, love you! To my underclassmen girls 
enjoy every minute! Nursie- dealing with me 
every day for 4 years, you're truly a saint. 
Mrs. Holland- my school mommy, I'll be 
seeing you! Thank you NHS, GOOD LUCK 
CLASS OF 2012!! 

Jeffrey Michael Wisneski 

Thank you. 
Good luck class of 2012! 

Zachary Nathaniel Wooten 

Soccer 1-4. Basketball 1-2, Winter Track 
3-4, Track and Field 1-4 

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never 
take. "-Wayne Gretzky 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and each of my 
siblings for everything. My life would 
be so different if it wasn't for the 
support of my family. You guys have 
always been there for me and although 
we do have our fights, we always seem 
to come back together. Bri-good luck 
in high school. Enjoy it while you can. 
I want to thank my brothers, Dom and 
Brandon for never going easy on me 
and for always pushing me through 
everything. Without you guys I would 
not have the drive to do the things I do. 
Ever since I was a little kid I have 
always had the advantage of learning 
things earlier than everyone else 
because of how close we all were. You 
guys taught me almost everything I 
know. Emily-Thanks for always being 
there when I needed someone to talk 
to. To my friends for always being 
there and our memories. 

wo roads diverged in a wood, 
id I - 1 took the one less 
aveled by, And that has made 
1 the difference. 

ongratulations Laura! 

'e love you and we are very 
cud of you! 




You are a wonderful son and 
brother filled with love and 
compassion. We want you to 
always remember that 
wherever life takes you, 
whatever dreams you follow, 
you'll always have your family 
and our love will always go 
with you. 

Mom, Pup and Wes 

Kevin - 

Keep smiling and always 
■emember to follow your heart, 
Tiind and soul! 
nothing is impossible!! 

^ove Always, 

VIom & Dad 

Even when you grow up and 
move away we'll always 
remember when those 
wonderful days of bring you up 
into the son you are today! 

Love you with all our heart! 
You impress us every day ! ! 

Mom & Dad 


Congratulations! We are very 
)roud of you and all of your 
iccomplishments. Your 
notivation, determination and 
Irive will take you far. We 
vish you happiness and 
;uccess. Have fun, be safe and 
enow that we ar always here 
"or you. 


vlom. Dad, Peter and Jack 

Dear Liam, 

iVe are so proud of you, you 
lave worked hard, played hard 
ind grown into a confident, 
ntelligent, kind, happy young 
nan. The next few years you 
vill experience so much - 
;njoy every minute and 
emember to call home! 

iVe love you, 

vlom and Dad 

Dear Ashley, 

Since birth you have brought us 
such joy and made us so very 
proud. We admire the person 
you are today and we wish you 
much love and happiness as 
you continue your journey. We 
love you very much! 

Mom, Dad, Adam and Stephen 

Dear Catherine, 

Words cannot express how 
proud I am of you! You have 
grown to be an exceptional girl, 
daughter and sister. You know 
how happy and proud you 
made your Dad, as he watches 
over you everyday. Continue 
to be the best you can be! 
We Love you ! 

Mom and Jim 


It has been fun watching you 
grow up! We look forward to 
what your future holds and 
know you will continue to 
make us proud. Now go out 
and share the best of you ... we 
will be here cheering you on 
"cuasebe" we are your biggest 
Love you!! 

Mom and Dad. Matt, Jon and 
Andrew (shmay) 

P.S. Maybe you re right - the 
house will be so boring without 


Our son Josh, the 2nd child of 
3. Care and Love, made him 
see the word is bright, with 
choices to be made. He 
definitely spends more time in 
the sun than in the shade. 

Proud parents 

Lori and Jeff 

This is a very exciting and 
wonderful time for you. You 
are a great young lady and I am 
sure you will do incredible 

All my love, 


Congrats Meg!!! 


It is such a pleasure to have you 
as a son. We are truly blessed. 
Your future looks brilliant! Let 
the journey begin ... To the moor 
& back! 


Mom, Dad, and Katie 


We are so proud of you!! 

Mom, Dad, Meg, Kate & Lily 


We are very proud of you. You 
can do anything you put your 
mind to. Keep your head high, 
dream big and reach for the 
sky. We know you will 
succeed in all that you do in the 
years to come. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Nick & Kristine 

Darci - Our gift from God! 
What great pride and joy you 
have brought to our family on 
and off the athletic field. 

We are most proud of the kind 
and loving woman you have 
become. May the years ahead of 
you at Providence be as special 
as you are! Believe in yourself 
"mini-me." We do! 

Love and Happiness 

Mom, Dad, Erin, Kristi and Syd 


"Don't stop Believing, hold on to that 
feeling" - Journey 

We call you our "miracle" ... Our 
hero who had strength to carry on. 
You have never quit at working 
hard. We truly are proud of your 
accomplishments. Continue 
believing in yourself as we do. 
Always keep that sense of humor 
and life will bring you joy. 

Love you, 
Mom & Dad 


You are all that's wonderful in 
our world! Smart, 
compassionate, and a great 
send of humor make you 
unstoppable. We are proud 
and immensely blessed. To 
the moon & back! 


Mom, Dad, and Riley 

Congratulations Ashley. We 
are so proud of you for your 
continuous commitment, hard 
work and dedication in 
everything you do. You've 
grown into such a vibrant, 
compassionate and confident 
young lady, with a great sense 
of humor. The sky is the limit, 
your natural talent and 
determination will take you 
anywhere you want to go. We 
are proud of you and looking 
forward to many more 
milestones. We love you! 
Mom, Dad, JJ and Brianna 

Dear Caitlin, 

Our first baby! You lead the 
way for us as parents and as a 
big sister, making us so proud 
along the way. Be happy, stay 
true to yourself and follow your 

Love - 

Mom, Dad, Griffin & Jillian 

"Christopher, you are our 

With lots of love, 
Mom & Dad 


We are very proud of you and 
admire your determination. As 
you move on - always keep 
your beautiful smile, 
compassion, humor, and 
common sense. You bring 
nothing but joy and happiness 
to our family. You're a 
fantastic young lady. 
We love you so much. 
Mom, Dad, Jennifer and Riley 


Always stay playful! 


Mom & Dad 

You have always whole heartedly 
embraced your passions - (lacrosse, 
field hockey) or volunteering (Invisible 
Children) or work (counseling at 
Hay ward) or friendships (too many to 
mention) or just plain convulsive 

From the day you were born "sunny 
side up" it was clear you would be a 
joyful person. You have much to be 
joyful for - you have worked hard 
these four years and now your future 
beyond Norwell awaits. Always stay 
true to yourself and what you believe 

All our love. 

Mom, Dad, Caroline and Cobie 


You've filled our lives with 
your spirit and sense of humor: 
We are proud of the young 
you have become and look 
forward to what the future 
holds for you. 

We love you! 


We have watched you grow 
over the years and are so proud 
of you. Always work hard and 
learn from your mistakes. Yoii 
will always be with us, in our 


Mom, Dad, and Devin 


We couldn't be more proud of all 
you have accomplished and of the 
incredible young man you've 
become. You have so many 
opportunities to look forward to. 
true to yourself, dream big, laugh 
often, and enjoy the adventure of 
your journey into adulthood ... we 
know your life will take you far. 
Just think of all the mountains to 
conquer Remember we will alwayi 
be there for you along the way. 
We love you Buggie, 
Mom, Dad, Kelsey & Tashmoo 

Congratulations Kathy, 

Always remember all the 
places you will go, there is no 
place like home. 


Mommy, Daddy, Bobby, 
Colleen, Captain and Oreo 


You're beautiful inside and 
out! We're so proud of your 
accomplishments and the 
choices you've made. Enjoy 
your senior year as you end one 
chapter in your life and begin 


Mom and Dad 

Dear McKenzie, 

We are so proud to have you as 
our daughter. You are a very 
kind, gentle and caring person. 
You have amazed us with your 
positive outlook in life. Never 
change who you are. Keep 
working hard and stay focused 
on your goals. 

Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Christian and KK 


You've always been up to the 
challenge. "Don't stop 
believing" in yourself! Thanks 
for always making us laugh. 
It's been a joy watching you 
grow. We are all proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Erica, Joe & Brady 


We are so proud of you ! You 
have a beautiful hard and we 
admire your kindness, 
compassion and fun loving 
attitude. Your grace and courage 
will guide you in life. We'll all 
miss you next year (even Billy). 
May your life give you as much 
joy as you've given us. 
We Love You . . . 

Mom, Dad, and Billy 

For everything that is a time, 
and a reason for every activity 
under the sun: This is your 


Your future is your creation! 

Dear Matt, 

Seems like yesterday, we were 
having our nightly "chats" and 
now you are graduating high 
school. Congratulations on ail you 
have achieved! We are so very 
proud of you. You have a bright 
future ahead and we wish you 
happiness always. You bring joy 
to our lives every day with your 
kind heart, sense of humor and 
warm smile. Follow your dreams, 
and always stay true to yourself. 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Andrew 


We made it through high 
school! Life's' next adventure 
awaits. I'm so proud of who 
you've become. I'm going to 
miss you next year. I love you 
more than you'll ever know! 


Congratulations Paxton! 

We are so proud of your 
transformation from a child 
into a young woman! 

Love - Mom and Dad 
Good of 2012!!!! 

Dear Sarah. 

What an accomplishment! We 
are so proud of how hard you 
have worked to become a 
compassionate and independent 
woman. Now it is time that 
you must go and begin your Hfe 
but know we are always here to 
guide and support you. May 
your Hfe give you as much joy 
as you have given us. We love 
you to the moon and back! ! ! 

Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of you and 
your many accomplishments. 
Keep smiling because the best 
is yet to come. Be happy, 
enjoy life and always know 
how much you are loved! 


Mom, Dad, Liz, Darcy, Karen 
& John 


Honesty, integrity, loyalty and 
good judgment are your best traits. 
Stay true to who you are and you 
will be extremely successful 
navigating through all of life's 
challenges. You are destined to 
be a leader, not a follower. 
Continue to set your sights high, 
do your absolute best, persevere, 
and stay determined and you will 
achieve all your goals. We are so 
proud of the wonderful person you 
have become. 
Love - Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of you! 
You have worked so 
hard and have accomplished 
so much. You are an amazing 
young woman and we know 
you will continue to shine. 
We love you! 


Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Jack 
and Joe 


You've made us so proud. 
It's been a pleasure watching 
you grow into the amazing 
young woman you are today 
and we're excited about all 
you will accomplish in the 

We love you! 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you. 

You're a wonderful son and 
an exceptional person. 


Monn, Dad and Sarah 

Congratulations Brett! 

We always knew you would 
make it and we are so proud of 


Grandma and Grandpa 

Dear Ian: 

Congratulations! We are very 
proud of how you turned out to 
be. We know you 
will do great! Follow your 
dreams and be proud of what 
you have accomplished but 
remember to stay grounded. 


Mom, Dad & Liezel 

Vhat lies behind us and what lies 

before us are tiny matters 
ompared to what lies within us. " 
- Anonymous 

trick, since a young age you 
ve taken on challenges and risen 
meet them. Continue to 
allenge yourself and embrace the 

100% of the shots you don 't take 
don 't go in. " 
- Wayne Gretzky 

id. Mom, Elizabeth and Becca 


iVe are so proud of you! 

Ve know you will do great 
hings on the "stage" of life. 

Je true to yourself 

^ove , 

^um & Dad 

ongratulations, Joshua, on 
eaching this milestone! As 
/ou seek new horizons, always 
emember the unique gifts that 
/ou and your along bring to the 
vorld. We love you! 

viom, Dad and Nathan 

ar Little Allie Cat, 
□u have amazed us with your 
rce determination and 
urage. Your inner strength 
11 take you far -continue to 
ke chances and believe in 
urself. The beauty that lies 
thin you far exceeds what the 
St of the world can see. We are 
proud of you! (And thanks 
r keeping us entertained.) 
ith love, 

om & Dad (aka Larry & JD) 


May life bring you joy and 
happiness and all of your 
dreams come true. You have 
become a beautiful young 
woman. Remember follow 
your dreams and shoot for the 
moon, even if you miss you 
will land among the stars. 


Mom, Dad, Nick and Jon 

Nikki - 

We are so proud of you! 
Always believe in yourself and 
stay true to who you are. We 
love your smile, your spunk 
and your sense of humor. 


Mom, Dad, Mike and Dan 


We couldn't be more proud of 
your accomplishments, your 
kindness and your sensitivity 
to others have made you the 
outstanding person you have 
become. Our very best to you 
as you follow your dreams. 


Mom, Dad, Nicole and 

Liz & Dan. 

You are our greatest joys! We 
can't wait to see how you share 
your amazing talents and caring 
hearts as you head off in new 
directions. May your dreams 
come true! 


Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of you. You 
are such a thoughtful daughter 
and sister. We are your biggest 
fans and will always be there 
for you. Keep working hard 
because with your talents and 
determination, you will find 
that anything is possible. 


Mom, Dad, AJ and Sarah 


You have amazed us with your 
perseverance, hard-work and 
mostly, your character. Always 
stay true to your beliefs. You are 
great just the way you are. We 
are so proud of you and the 
young man you have become. 


Mom and Dad 


You've brought such joy, 
entertainment, and laughter into 
our lives and we're so proud of 
the hard work and 
determination you put forth to 
achieve your goals. 

Low you always. 
Mom, PT, and Haley 


We cannot believe that our 
baby girl grew up so fast! You 
are such a beautiful, strong, 
young woman and we are 
blessed to have you in our 
family. Stay true to your 
dreams and your heart and 
most of all have fun! We love 
you and are so very proud of 
you. The future is yours! 


Mom, Dad and Erica 


You have given us so much joy! 
Watching you grow and mature, 
seeing you give all you have in 
sports. We love you! You will 
succeed in whatever life brings. 

Good Luck! 


Mom and Dad 

You are a wonderful son and 
we are so proud of you and 
your achievements. Never hide 
your sense of humor and reach 
for the stars. 

We love you - Mom, Dad, 
Colin and Devin 


Your BIG dreams match your 
BIG smile. 

Never close either one! 

Mom, Dad, Kylie, Tom and 


Yesterday Kindergarten 
tomorrow college. What an 
exciting ride it's been! We ar 
so proud of the smart, good 
humored young man you have 
become. Remember (like it or 
not) we will always be here for 

We love you so much! 
Dad, Mom and Rachel 

James - 

So many wonderful 
opportunities await you. Follow 
your dreams, pursue your goals, 
have compassion; integrity and 
determination will serve you 
well in life. Keep the music 

Congratulations 2012 graduate! 

Mom, Dad & Sarah 

From the moment Andrew was 
born on 7/6/93 right in the 
middle of a Summer Heat 
Wave on the 4th of July 
Weekend Andrew has been a 
Firecracker just ready to take 

Andrew is full of Energy and 
Enthusiasm in all he does and 
we are so proud of him 

"Love you lots bud" 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of the kind, caring 
young woman you have 
become. Your beautiful smile 
and that sparkle in your eyes 
brighten every life you touch. 
Work hard and believe in 
yourself and you will succeed 
in everything you do. Always 
remember what is in your 
heart and know that life gives 
back what you put in! 
We Love you! 

Mom, Dad, Kristyn, and Katie 


Congratulations ! 

Lots of love. Mom, Dad, 
Courtney, Brittany, Kellsey, 
Liam, Anisley, Hayley and 


In a few short years you have 
grown from loving boy shorts 
to pearls. Your song and smile 
bring us joy ! You meet 
challenges with poise and 
promise. Your qualities of 
respect, compassion, 
faithfulness, hope & 
determination are admired 
gifts we cherish. It's time to 
move on... have fun and share 
your gifts with the world! 


Momma, Dad, Elise and Steve 

Congratulations Brendan on 
your graduation from NHS - 

We are so proud of you ! 

Love your "biggest fans". 

Mom, Dad, Blair & Maeve 

A big part of our summers 
with the kids were spent 
at the beach. Viktor 
LOVED to dig in the sand 
with his friends and they 
would all participate in 
digging enormous holes- 
they were busy for hours ! 

Dear Racheal, 

You're a wonderful, 
considerate person. You have 
overcome so many hardships 
and still smile. We are proud 
of who you have come, the 
strength in which you deal 
w ith life and learning, and 
know that the future will be 

Well Done Pat!! 


We are so proud of the 
wonderful person you have 
grown into. You always 
remained true to yourself and 
for that you should be proud. 



Dad, IVlom, Sarah, Matt and 

Dear Sweet Pete, 

Off you go! ! ! We are with you 

always, cheering you on! 


IVlom, Dad, Willie and IVIoo 

"And above all. watch with 
glittering eyes the whole word 
around you because the greatest 
secrets are always hidden in the 
most unlikely places." 
- Ronald Dahl, The Minpins 


You make us so very proud! 
Being your parents is an 
absolute privilege. You 
continue to amaze us with your 
wisdom, thoughtfulness, and 
passion. You are a wonderful 
daughter, sister and a dear 
friend to many. We look 
forward to your next chapter! ! 
We love you! 


Mom, dad, and Cormac XO 

Sweet Madison 

It has been our joy and privilege to 
watch you grow and this what we know 
- your heart is filled with love & 
laughter, magic & adventure, wisdom 
& purpose ...and these gifts, from 
within, will help to guide you through 
many of life's wicked awesome 

We love you much and are so proud of 

Mom, Dad. Gordy. Sophie. Ella, Kiki 
and Napoleon 


Our beautiful baby girl ! ! 
You've made us so pr4uod you 
you. your independence, and all 
that you'be accomplished. The 
worked is all yours!! Follow 
your dreams and make it a 
better, happier, place. Be 
"Forever Young" ... 


Dad and Mom 

Dear Brett, 

Our adorable boy has become a 
fine young man and you 
continue to make up proud every 
step of the way! we hope all 
your dreams come true... swing 
for the fences! 

We love you with all our hearts 
always and forever! 

Mom. Dad, Faith, Hunter & 
Bailey XO 


Dear Sweet Siobhan, 

[t's a pleasure to be part of your 
life. We're very proud of you. 

Vou're always in our thoughts 
ind prayers. 


Dad, Mom, Clare, and Russell 

Dear Nick, 

Thank you for being such an 
awesome son & brother, we are so 
blessed to have you in our lives! 

Congratulations on all your NHS 
accomplishments. May your 
future be filled with happiness & 

We love you and are always here 
for you. 

Mom, Dad, Joey & Henry 


My dear, sweet, "middle" child. 
How quickly these four years 
have past! I am so proud of 
your accomplishments and 
determination to do things your 
way! Follow your dreams and 
passions - do what you love. 

Love you. 


It seems like yesterday were pushing 
you around in the Barbie car. 

You were forced to grow up quickly 
and did so without a hitch or 
complaint. You have been through 
and accomplished more than most 
people twice your age. keep 
reaching for those stars, keep up 
your hard work, and most of all keep 
smiling your beautiful smile. 

Love you the whole world. 

Mom, Dad, Lauren, Carolyn, Patch 

"Be who you are and say what 
you feel because those who 
mind don't matter and those 
who matter don't mind." 
- Dr. .Seuss 

We love how you've grown 
into your shoes. 


Dad, Mom and Sibs 

When you were little you would 
spend hours collecting things for 
an "adventure." These things were 
your most precious treasure. Now 
your collection is much bigger and 
your are ready for the next 
adventure. ~ 

Good Luck Will. 

Mom, Dad, Jamie, and Cassie 

Jack - 

"Too many times we stand aside, 
and let the water slip away. 
And what we put off till tomorrow, 
has now become today. 
So don't you sit upon the shore line, 
and say you're satisfied. 
Choose the chance to rapids, 
and dare to dance the tides" 

"You'll never reach your destination 
If you never try. 
So Sail your vessel, 
till the river runs dry!" 
- Garth Brooks 

Love, Mum & Dad 


Well here you are a senior in high 
school. What words of wisdom 
should we share with you as you 
begin the next chapter in your life'? 
While we are so very proud of you 
we can't help but remember all 
those precious moments leading up 
to this, the little girl getting on the 
bus, the birthday parties, sitting on 
Santa's lap, the list is endless for us. 
Before our eyes you have grown 
into a smart, beautiful, confident 
young woman. The world is 
waiting for you , sweet girl. 

Love, Mom, Dad. and Jacko 

"Make the most of Yourself, 
For that is all there is of You" 


"Once a man has made a 
commitment to a way of life, he 
puts the greatest strength in the 
world behind him. It's something 
we call heart power. Once a man 
has made this commitment, 
nothing will stop him short of 
success." - Vince Lombardi. 
From birth, your "heart power" 
has been evident to all. Stay true 
to yourself and you will succeed. 
We love you! 
Dad, Mom, Tom and Shea 


You have quiet strength and a 
sense of humor. Your 
determination and dedication 
will allow you to achieve 
your dreams. We are proud of 
you and love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jim, Catherine 
and John. 


From the moment you were 
bom, you have brought us great 
joy. You are a loving daughter 
and sister. We are so proud of 
you and the person you have 
become. Your compassion, 
kindness and self-confidence 
will guide you as you strive to 
achieve your dreams. As you 
move on to the next exciting 
phase of your life, know that we 
will always be here for you and 
will love you always. 

Mom, Dad and Garrett 

"You moved a box to reach 
the door before you were two, 
you've been moving 
mountains to open doors ever 
since. We all love you so 
much and can only imagine 
what success you will achieve 
in the next eighteen years." 


We are so proud of you! 

We will miss you next year but 

are so excited for you to begin 

your new chapter. 

We have great confidence that 

you will be successful in 

everything that you do. 

We love you so much! 

Dad, Mom and Brian 


We are so proud of you ! 

Set your sails and follow your 


We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Hallie and Brooks 

Dear Frank: 

You fill our lives with music, 
joy and wonder. Thank you for 
being you! 

Mom & Frank 

PS. Practice more !! 


the McClelland baby who 
grew into an amazing young 

Thanks for filling our lives 
with joy & pride. Your work 
ethic, integrity, & kind heart 
will take you to new heights. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Mark & Dan 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of all you have 
accomplished. You're such a 
wonderful, thoughtful, and 
kind person. We will miss - 
your kiss goodnight! 
Remember family is forever. 

Love always. Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, Charlie, Nicholas and 

Dear David, 

We are all so proud of the 
young man you are becoming. 
Stay true to yourself. 
Wonderful things are awaiting 
you in the next phase of your 
life. Congratulations! 

Love Mom, Dad, Casey and 

Dear Pearl, 

We were blessed when you 
were born and have been 
blessed everyday since that 
day. Thank you for being 
you! We are so very proud 
of you and everything about 
who you are. You can 
always be counted on and we 
pray you reach for your 

Love, Mom & Dad 

May you live life well: 
laugh, dance, work hard, 
stay curious. But above 
all, be human. Remember 
that gifts are what a man 
has, but Graces are what a 
man is. 

Dearest Lala, 

You are a loving and nurturing 
young woman who brings joy 
and laughter to all the lives you 
touch. Stay strong and 
remember to always follow 
your dreams! 

Much Love, 

Dad, Momo, and Court 

Dear Troy, 

The baby of our family. 
Thank you for keeping us 
young, happy and proud. 
Believe in yourself, we do! 


Mom, Dad. Katelynn, Ryan 
and Kyle 


What a "marvelous" journey these 
eighteen years have been! We are so 
proud of you and all you have 
accomplished. With you strong work 
ethics, sense of humor and kind heart, 
we know you will succeed in whatever 
path you chose. Good luck at college 
next year. Believe in yourself, trust 
your instincts (they're very good), and 
remember we will always be there 
cheering for you and love you "more 
than all the world!" 

All our love. 

Dad. Mom. Ally . and Bridget 

Dear Graham, 
We are so excited for you and the man 
many experiences that are waiting for 
you. You have grown from the most 
wonderful little boy to 
an outstanding young adult and we coi- 
not be more proud! There is a special 
quality about you that is noticed by so ' 
many. You have been successful in 
achieving many goals, one of which w 
summiting the Matterhorn last 
summer, which is truly ama/ing! The . 
world needs more people who truly m;i 
a difference, and if there is one thing v 
arc sure of. it is that YOU will make a 
difference. Graham. You are a wonderi 
son. brother, grandson and friend to 
many. You will be a friend to many, 
many more. We love you! 
Love - Mom & Dad. Clay, Alex, Anna 
(Sam. Lulu. Cookie) 


You are an amazing young ma< 
and we are so proud of you an( 
all your accomplishments. Yoi 
are about to experience the be 
years of your life, go out there ; 
and follow your dreams! 
Congratulations NHS Class ol 

Love - Mom, Dad, Connor, 
Stephen and Dory J 


Dedicated student, dance, 
pianist, and athlete. 
Respectful, confident and classy 
you will succeed in whatever 
you do! 

You are the perfect daughter am 

We love and adore you. 
Mom, Pap and Anthony 


It seems like just yesterday we were 
putting you on the school bus for your 
l irst day of school. It is hard to believ 
that so many years have passed and yc 
are getting ready to attend college! W( 
are so proud of you with everything 
you have accomplished and we know 
how successful you will be with 
meeting your dreams simply through 
your determination to do well. Alway 
remember the fun times in High Schoc 
but enjoy college as life has only just 

Love you - Mom. Dad and Sarah 

I remember the day you were 
born. I was thrilled to have a 
girl and am still so proud! You 
have grown into a wonderful 
and spirited daughter. Daddy 
would be so pleased and happy 
for you. Andy and I wish you 
all the best. 






"'Con gratulations ! Follow your 
dreams. Study hard, but 

* :ontinue to have fun along the 
way. We wish you success 
and much joy in your future. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad and Janine 


We. could not be prouder of 
whom you have grown to be. 
You are poised for all of your 
lext pursuits and adventures 
md we're excited for you (but 
he green jeep has to stay at 
lome - Lily and Eliot have 
heir own adventures planned ;) 

Love you wherever you are! 
Mom, Dad, Lily, Eliot and Reid 

Congratulations Patrick! 

You're an amazing young man 
who's destined for success! 

Your kind soul, unending 
talent, hard-work and passion 
for life is what make you so 


Your Proud Mom and Dad 


Congratulations on your high 
school graduation, just one of 
your many accomplishments. 
We are so happy for you! 

We wish you many great 
adventures and happiness in all 
of your journeys, and please 
remember to always come 

Dear Dennis- 
Our magical middle child: 
Melissa and Rob, Dad and I, 
applaud your discipline and 
hard work expended to get you 
where you are today. We 
support you and encourage you 
to go explore this world 
with wonder and awe. 

All our love ALL ways and 


Your Family 

Then. . . 

Now. . . 

Through the Years 

Through the Years 

five 9 ' 

'/\\\ \^ 

//hW N> 


Most Artistic 

Laura Kardok 
^ Sean Staples 

Most Lilceiy to 

Plana Chen 
S- Peter MacPonald 

Fest (Pressed 

j^rlaima Perf etuo 
Sr Paul Parys 


Most Likely to 
MqhUn Your Pay 

Eliza Westergard 
$r Graham Ferguson 

Uf c of the Party 

Most Competitive 

ItyaHhe Willianis 
Sr Jordan Jenkins 

JessKnudsen ^ 
$- Pan Lockwood 


Ashley lameroux 
$- Chris Largent 

Most lliJcly to ^ct Oof ^ 

of a Ticket 

Steph Howard 
^ Mike Mac&illvray 

(Gossip King and 

Martha Pogat 
^ Andrew Uwbriaima 

« « 

Highway Menace 

l^est Smile 

CaitliH Collins 
$- 4ack Kearney 

l^est Pate to luring Home 
to Your Parents 

Alicia ReggiaHHlni 
^ Kelmah l^eal 

Allie Petwiler 
^ Kevin l^ougoulas 


Nikki Pempsey 
^ Cormac Harvey 

Class Mom and Pad 

MeaghaH Pwyer 
^ Steve McClelland 

Motor Mouth 

4ulie Chessia 
^ <Joe I^icciuti 

l^est All ArouHd 

Alii Weller 
^ Pat Parret 

Most Likely to 
discover Hogwarts 

Colleen Fitzgibbons 
Zach Peterson 

Most Athletic 

Allie Pel^ehedictis 
Br Nick Yolpe 

Worst Case of 

Parci YIerra 
$■ Pavid Tobih 

Class Clown 

Tolu Adebanjo 
^ Tom Priscoll 

Class Flirt 

Pearl Williams 
Andy Marrese 

Most School Spirit 

Catherihe Stack 
^ l^eh Gordon 

l^est FrieHds 

Tolu Adebanjo ^ Mary Murphy 
l^rett Morgah ^ Nick Yolpe 

l^est ^yes 

Laura Barrett 
^ Troy Laff in 

Most lilcely to Never 
be Single 

Prlttany Cannon 
^ Frank White 

Apple ShiHcr 

Siobhah Murphy 
S- ^rendah Mc^reeiiery 

Most likely to (kt Phone 
Taken Away in Class 

PriaHHa Gentry 
6- Zach Wooten 


Fest Nickname 

Lauren Harding 
$■ Josh Lihd 

Sarah Orlewan (Nam/Norm) 
^ Brendan O'Connor (?o) 

I ■ 

s of 2012 Favor 


rtist: Rihanna & Wiz Khali 

Actor: Ryan Reynolds 
Actress: Rachel McAdams 
TV Show: Pretty Little Li 
HS Phrase: "You're soft"/' 
/"Not Straight" 
Movie: Bridesmaids 
Hangout Spot: Voldemq 
Favorite Store: Clipper Ca 
Favorite Restaurant: Blu 
Girl Trend Item: Scar 
Boy Trend Item: 

1 ypCe 

We asked the NHS Undcn » iiiicn 

Class of 2012... 

what they think 

Who is th 

"Dan Lockw 




- Rachel Paine 
'hose going to 
lund?" - Billy Burns 

the most annoying 
ig about the seniors? 

"Boys shouting in the hall" 
- Meghan Callahan 
Where you guys park cause I 
have to walk 20 miles" 
- Tori Dinger 

Who is the most 
intimidating senior girl? 

"Allie Detwiler" - Shea Garvey 
"Brianna Gentry" - Holly Weiler 
"Caitlin Collins" - Lindsay Rober 
"Nikki Dempsey" - Dan Drom 

How would you 
senior class in 


. ♦ 'f. * 

Homecomins Dance 

Thanksgiving Gam^ 

flic Tminft Wii(['P(a\iers present 


^ I ty Cluirlo ■M,.r,-y Tir.v t.-i I'y C/ms Idci/ / 

Science Fair '12 

And Physics Challenge 

Norwell Idol 20 1 1 

Junior Varsity. 


Girls Soccer 

The Girls Varsity Soccer 
team went 17-5-1 in their 
2011 season. The senior 
captains were Caitlin Collins, 

Aliie Debenedictis, Darci 
Vierra and Alii Weiler. New 
Head Coach Kara Connerty 
brought NHS Alumni John 
Conlon to help coach the 
girls this season. The team 

made it to the Sectional 
finals and finished second in 
the South Shore League. 

Great season Nor we 11 Girls 

The Norwell Boys Varsity 
soccer team finished their 
season 15-3-3. Head coach 
Jack Browne, assisted by 
NHS alumni Jason Greer and 
John Conlon led the team to 
the South Sectionals. 

The boys are looking 
forward to a promising 
furture with several 
underclass returning next fall 
but will miss the 2012 

The Norwell Football team 
went 2-9 this season under 

new head coach Matt 
LuccarelH, and assisted by 
John Willis, Matt Marani. 

and Adam Bradshaw. 

Senior Captains Riley 
Sheehan, Brett Morgan, Sean 
Staples, and Joe Ricciutti led 
the team. 

League All-Stars included 
Sean Staples, and Luke 

The Norwell High School 
Cheerleaders has an exciting 
201 1 season. 

Led by senior captains, 
Victoria Gacicia, McKenzie 
Cunniff and Gayle Foley the 
team shined on the field, and 

at the fall competition. 

The young team is looking 

forward to another great 
season in 2012 but will miss 
their senior leaders. 

The Girls Varsity Cross 
Country team has another 
record breaking season! 

Captains Vanessa Lyle, 
Siobhan Murphy, and 
Catherine Stack led the team. 

New coach Kelly Adams led 
the girls to yet another 
undefeated season. 

Congratulations to the team 
on their 100 straight win!!! 

Congrats to the boys Cross 
Country team on a very 
successful season. 

Coach Chuck Martin brought 
his running experience to this 
talented group. 

Captains James Digregorio. 

Owen Wiggins, Steve 
McClelland led the team to 
numerous victories. 

They are looking forward to 
a great 2012 season. 

Field Hockey 

Senior Captains Julie 
Chessia, Christian Cronin, 
Colleen Fitzgibbons and 
Kelly Traft led the team. 

The team is looking forward 
to a promising 2012 season 
but will miss the 14 
graduation seniors. 

Freshman & Junior Varsity 


Boys Basketball 

Led by captains Brett 
Morgan, Nick Volpe, Peter 
Marchetti, and Jordan 

Highlights of the season 
include Nick Volpe's 
milestone 1000 points. 

Professionally managed by, 
Martha Bogaty, Allie 
Detwiler, and Nikki 

Girls Basketball ! 




The Norwell-Cohasset 
Gymnastics team had a great 

Captains Abby Smith and 
Amber Silvia. 

The team finished in an 
impressive second place at 
the league meet 

With a record of 6-4 the 
team accomplished a great 
deal.this season! 

Senior captains, Sean 
Staples, James DiGregorio, 
Kiernan Beal, James Solari, 
and Brendan O'Connor lead 
the boys team to a successful 

Junior Charlie Petit set a 
school record for the 55 

League All Stars include 
Owen Wiggins, Charlie 
Petit, Kiernan Beal, and 
Tom Vafiaties 


Boys Hockey 

The Boy's Hockey team had 
a great season with a 15-5 
record and were the 
Southshore League 

Led by captain Craig 
Freehili and assistant 
captains Pat Hathaway 
Graham Ferguson. 

The boys rocked the ice all 
season long. 

Girls Hockey 

In their first year as a 
Varisty sport at Norwell 
High School the Girl's 
Varsity Hockey team had an 
innpressive season with an 
8-10-1 record. 

Led by senior captains 
Paxton Colby and Breanne 
Brown the team had an 
amazing season. 

The team is already looking 
forward to another great 
sea.son next winter. 

Ski Team 


Swimming & Diving 

The 201 1-2012 girl's swim team 
finished a successful season with a 
10-2 record. The boy's team also 
finished a very accomplished 
season with a 9-3 record. 

Led by captains Shealyn Lonergan. 

Emily Pickard, Peter McDonald. 
Harry Brown, and assistant captains 
Abbey Foucart and Steve 
McClelland, the teams broke 
numerous school records and had 
one of their best sea.sons to date. 

Team diver, Jessie Westergard, 
bi oke her own school record by 
452.35 points. She also placed 1st 
in the Division 2 slate diving 



fi »s 


his Yearbook was only made possible 
by the hardwork, long hours and 
dedication of this committee. 

Caitlin Collins, Allie Detwiler, Allie DeBenedictis, Steph Howard, 

Ashley Allington, Shealyn Lonergan, Emily Pickard, Kelly 
Harrington, Brittany Cannon, Sarah Orleman, Leah Smith, Lauren 

Burke and Ms. Schad. 

Mock Trial 


1 H^J^^^^^^Ki^^H 


ORDER IN THE COURT!!! This year's Mock Trial team was a mixture of seasoned veterans and hard- 
wori^ing first timers. From the beginning of the season, it was clear that this was a dedicated group determined to make the 
playoffs. The team practiced at night and on weekends in preparation for the trial season. The team achieved its goal, and 
made the state playoffs after going 3-0 with victories over Whitman Hanson, Rockland and Thayer Academy. Keeping true 
to the adage that art imitates life, this year the team dealt with a case of school bullying. A teacher is charged with not reporting 
repeated bullying that he witnessed, leading to the mental downfall of a student. This was a very interesting case and the 
.students were able to quickly relate to the issues involved. The 2012 team was lead by co-captains Steven McClelland and 
Siobhan Murphy, both 4 year veterans. The rest of the team was made up of Seniors Madi Willis, Catherine Stack, Alex 
Titelbaum and Andrew Marrese; Juniors Courtney Hudgins, Isabella Abelite and Rachel Caldwell; Sophomores Emily Lynch, 
Abby Kingston, Jackson Brake, Gordie Willis, Danielle Nelson and Emily Steenbruggen; and Freshmen Jackson McGlinchey 
and Robert Chin. The team is coached by teacher John Goniatis and attorney Gary Thomas. 


Art Clob 

ie MUsioH ottbe Norwell Art Club Is to spread the creativity and f uh of maklhg 
' J9 any student wishing to participate. We see our club not only as a group of 
that support Art but wish to spread it. With a body of ?5 students and 
Iq/we are one of the largest clubs at NHS. The year we have a variety of 
NesftaHiied Including, tye dying, fusing glass, pottery wheel, marblelzing 
^;iiiosaiis and much morel Advised by Mr. Papadonls. the club meets every 
Wednesday In the Art Room located at the bottom of the Upper House Ramp. So 
u come on by and check-out a hands on fun club at NHS! 

2011-2012 Art Club Members include: Brenna Stanton, Emma Basso, Kara Fanning, Katie Joseph, Erin Kelly, Sarah 
D'Ambrosia, Claudia Seguin, Emily Krislis, Li^a Basso, Carly Noyce, Carii Morin, Rachael Caldwell, Catherine Sheedy, 
Anna Barger, Alexander Shepard, Madison Maduri, Mustafa Shakarchi, Emily Milliken, Sabrina Walls, Isabella Cannata, 
Janine Traft, Emily Lnych, Katie Gilroy, Patrick Birmingham, Carli Morin, Isabelle Olsson, Abigail Foucart, Caitlyn 
Murphy, Madelynne McCauley, Katherine Snyder 


The Halyard 

NHS's annual literary/art magazine 

The 2012 edition continues The Halyard's tradition of excellence. It contains the works of 45 of 
Norwell's most creative artists and writers. Editors Katie Gilroy, Annie Joseph, Angelica Chan, 

Rachel Kelly, Emily Milliken, and Alexis Hilson did fundraising, collected art and writing 
submissions, and put together a beautiful 28 page magazine. The magazine was sold at a coffee 
^. house and at the Fine Arts Festival. 

In the spring the staff will attend a high school journalism conference at Boston University and^ will 
submit the magazine for a publication award. The Halyard hopes to earn its eleventh consecutive 
Highest Achievement award from the New England Scholastic Press Associtem.- 

Norwell High School 

Student Government 

Freshman Student Government 

No picture available at time of 

Friendships, Fun and Laughter ... Join Best Buddies!!! 

Junior Statesmen of America 

It's been a fun year for Norwell's Junior Statesmen of America chapter. The club meets weekly to debate 
current issues of the day. There were a lot of new faces at these debates in September, with underclassmen 
joining JSA this year. In the fall, JSAers attended Fall State in Boston for a weekend of discussions and 
debates on issues ranging from whether or not Ron Paul was a viable candidate for president to if widespread 
nuclear proliferation is necessary to maintain global peace. The highlight of the school year for the JSA 
chapter is Winter Congress in Washington DC. This year 20 NHS JSAers went on the trip. They 
participated in a model congress and presented bills ranging from making it a requirement that girls register 

with Selective Service at the age of 18, to making any state or organization accepting federal aid for 
transportation be required to purchase American hybrid vehicles, and phasing in a requirement for states to 
shift to digital textbooks and e-readers. The students even learned some parliamentary procedure, with many 
of them making motions to "suspend the rules " at recent meetings. The JSA chapter is lead by president 

Abby Smith. Mr. Goniatis is the faculty advisor. 


Norwell Navigator 

The school's newspaper, Norwell Navigator, publishes 5 
editions per year, outlining the current events happening 

around NHS. 


1st row: Casey Fisher (General News Editor) Emily Lynch (Editor-in-Chief In- 
Training) Tiffany D'Souza (Layout Editor) 
2nd row: Katie Joseph (Clubs and Classes editor) Steven McClelland (Co Editor-in- 
Chief) Julia Kirslis (Co Editor-in-Chief) Frank Patarino (Sports Editor) Frank White 
(Staff Photographer) Mr. Hanke (Teacher Advisor) 


EHviroKimeht Club 

The ^HV^ronmei1t club and Ms. Lozah's 
Energy and the Environmeht class 
coHtihued the recycling efforts at Norwell 
High School. The class visited Norwell 
Farms and helped pick produce for the 
weekly CSA pickup. The club also instituted 
a battery recycling program aimed to keep 
harmful metals out of landfills. 

Peer Education 

Early this year, Peer Educators led the freshman advisory kickoff 

day. It was a highly successful event culminating in some 
entertaining skits. Throughout the year, the Peer Educators have 
been helping to lead freshman and sophomore advisory groups at 
the high school. In addition, they have been teaching elementary 

school lessons on stress and relaxation, goal setting, and 
communication skills. Peer Educators will also go to the middle 
school to participate in Puberty Night, where the fifth graders 
learn about changes that they will experience. 

Members Include: SENIORS: Liz Allen, Martha Bogaty, Kevin Bougoulas, Lauren Burke, Nina Bums, Kathy Callahan, Megan 
Carmody. Julianne Chessia, Allie DeBenedictis, Tessa DeMarco, Nikki Dempsey, James DiGregorio, Meghan Dwyer, Colleen 
Fitzgibbons, Ben Gordon. Patrick Hathaway, Shealyn Lonergan, Steven McClelland, Brendan McGreenery, Victoria Moore, Siobhan 
Murphy. Brendan O'Connor, Sarah Orleman, Paul Parys, Emily Pickard, Joe Ricciuti, Ashley Sifflard, Leah Smith, Kelly Traft, Allie 
Weiler, Frank White JUNIORS: Isabella Abelite, Emily Bernard, Angelica Chan, Emily Cipriano, Maeve Dennigan, Casey Fisher, 
Hannah Getto. Mary Gogarty, Marissa Gratta, Margaret Hayes, Alexis Hilson, Annie Joseph, Julia Kirslis, Vanessa Lyle, Meghan 
Mahoney, Maddie McCauley. Hannah Mclnnis, Matt McKeen, Jake Montoya, Kelsey Murray, Mary O'Connell, Sarah Perfetuo, Casey 
Studley, Maddie Ward, Holly Weiler, Owen Wiggins, Hannah Wolfson 

The Latin Club meets on 
Wednesdays after schcx)l 
in Mr Whelton's room* 

Please join us for lots of 
fun, lots of laughs and an 
appreciation of Latin!!! 

Team 348 was founded in 1999 at Norwell Hi 
School in Norwell, Massachusetts. For the last 12 
years, the team has been involved in all aspects of 
the FIRST organization from building to 
competing to mentoring. Starting with opfy 12 

participants, there are now over forty-five. 
Throughtout our twelve successful seasons, the 
team has traveled to over 10 states to compete and 
has brought home over fifteen awards ranging 
from leadership to robot quality to chditnpions. 

t \ 

iNvisim mimn 

President: Meaghan Dwyer Vice Presidents: Allie Detwiler, Caitlin Collins, Brittany Cannon and Martha 

"In the spring of 2003, three young 
filmmakers traveled to Africa in search of 
a story. What started out as a filmmaking 
adventure became much more when Jason, 
Laren, and Bobby stumbled upon Africa's 
longest running conflict where the children 
were both the weapons and the victims." 

They produced the documentary Invisible 
Children: Rough Cut in 2005. At first they 
just showed it to their friends and family, 
but it wasn't long before millions of people 
had seen the documentary and knew about 
the "invisible children." 

For more information goto 

The Invisible Children visit Norwell 

Jvlath Team 

Me Alpha Theta Photo 

Kevin Luo, Conor Davies, Casey Hill, Sarah Ciardi, Alex Kopacz, Graham Van Goffrier , Joe Lynch, , Julia Kirslis, Isabella Abelite, 
Emily Bernard. Reed Markham, Katie Gilroy 

Divide and Conquer! 

The math team competes in division four of the Southeastern Massachusetts Mathematics League. Other schools in 

our division are Cohasset, Hingham, Notre Dame, Scituate, and Weymouth. The 201 1-2012 "infinitely radical" 
team was again undefeated, placing first in the division, and earning an invitation to the league playoffs. This is the 
fifth consecutive Division Four Championship. Graham Van Goffrier was the league's high scorer. Last year the 
math team went to the state tournament for the first time ever and this year's team hopes to repeat. In October, 
Peter McDonald and Graham Van Goffrier were semi-finalists in the Olympiad competition. In November the math 
team competed for the first time in the Rocket City Competition. This contest has an unusual format - one answer 
sheet for the entire team. In NEML, NHS placed first in Plymouth County. Norwell participated in Log 1 contests 
again this year. Norwell competes in region three, a region that stretches from Maine to Alabama. Twelve students 
were inducted as full members of Mu Alpha Theta, a national math honor society. 

Front row: Peter McDonald, Lexa Grasz, Julia Kirslis, Graham Van Goffrier, Joe Lynch, Kevin Luo, 
Diana Chen , Kaity O'Neil, , Sarah Ciardi Back row: Nick Henning, Casey Hill, Colin Hill, Katie Gilroy, 
Robert Chin, Devin Chen, Joe Thongpaithoon 

Chess Club 

iHternatioHal Club 

The International Club meet on Wednesday's in Ms. 

Gilabert's Room. 
Be sure to stop by for some international fun! ! ! 

Spain 2011 

'We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a 
little bit of each other everywhere. " -TimMcCraw 

Congratulations and God Bless 

Brendan^ Brittany ^ Darci and Brian 

CLASS OF 2012!! 


Norwell High School 
Class of 2012 


, riTOTl_. 


si ' \ A 


'—4 \ 




Member FDIC 

Scituate • Marshfield • Norwell • Green Harbor • Hingham 


Good Luck Class of 20ll!!! 



Good Luck 


mm yfSfF iJI 

rfonal new york style bagels 

- (^ood LuekH! 

^unther Tootles 


Class of mm 

frood Luck!!! 

The Norwell Wonien 




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Foreign & Domestic 

223 Main Street t: 781.659.2502 

Norwell, MA 02061 /; 781.659.2504 . 

Class of 2012 

mcsw eeneu 

The Stisnglh&Statmy la Guide Your Futum 

to the Class oj 


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For all your insurance needs 
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Stephen & Michael Solar! 

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(61 7) 964-2886 (781 ) 792-2880 

(61 7) 964-4053 Fax (781 ) 792-2890 Fax 

Congratulations James 
and the 
Class of 2012 


Congrats to our staff of NHS grads: 
Christina Cronin, IVIeg Dwyer, Patrick Hathaway 
Steph Howard, Leah Smith . & our great members 
•spinning •Zumba!! •cardio •awardwinning classes 
lessons •karate •Tae Bo ® •beautiful pool •wateraerobics 
•awardwinning Nursery •saunas •Personal Trainers 

Water workouts.. VVebb's 
, awarded #1 in MA!! 

•Cybex •outdoor playground •swim 
•Nautilus • weightlifting •Jacuzzi 
BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD 130 Washington St Norwell 781-878-7900 follow us on Twitter 

Thanks to all the students and teadrers 

who volunteered their time 

at Norwell Knoll 

Norwell Knoll ^ 

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 

329 Washington Street • NorwcU, Massachusetts 02061 


"Guiding Students to Find Direction" 

Wisliins tiie Ciass of 2012 
tlie Best of Lucie !! 

Tlie Education Association of Norweii 
Tiie Norweii teaciiers, secretaries and aides 

Friends and 
Class of 


Plumbing Inc 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2012! 

The Future is Yours.